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Happy Wednesday Everybody!!

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Just wanted to pop in and wish everybody a happy day! I am still running with "life like I stole it" and doing great. I have no hindering symptoms that keep me from enjoying my days. I hike and kayak often and just simply enjoy my days. I had my last CT scan at the beginning of the year and have chosen not to do anymore or any type of testing or bloodwork at all. If something gives me trouble, I will go but until then, I have chosen to simply live each day as it comes. It is kind of weird that the timing of the virus played along with the timing of my choice not to spend anymore time in the medical arena with test after test and scan after scan. I still eat fairly healthy and do some natural supplemental things but that's it.  I have another trip planned with my daughter and best friend in October for Hawaii. Can anyone say "Hula Dancing"?...lol.

In the beginning, all I could think about was what cancer had taken from me. Losing my husband and being diagnosed myself two years later tumbled me beneath a wave of grief and anger I thought would drown me. It only heightened my awareness of what being present in each moment truly means. We are all terminal from the moment we take our first breath. I hope you are all "present" for your moments and that love and light fill your days. Biggest and warmest hug to each of you here!!...M

P.S. The attached pic is a bottle cap from a drink I had at lunch last week. All I could do was smile. Definitely meant for me...lol

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oh my goodness! I was just thinking of you!!!! Glad to hear you are doing so well! What was your last status as of last scan? 

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Hey pretty lady!!.. Your fighting spirit makes me smile! My last scan showed 7 lung tumors scattered in both lungs.. most were tiny with the exception of two... the largest being 22 mm... Chemo and treatment did not work for my life or my spirit. As of yet, I have had zero difficulties or symptoms. Hope to remain that way!! Hugs your way girl!!

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I knew we had similar statuses. Praying that the healthy living you are doing keeps them at bay. Who knows, maybe they are even just all dead cancer cells.

Thank you for inspiring me!

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This is a beautiful reminder to live in the present moment and find joy and love right now. Thank you for sharing! I am really excited about your trip to Hawaii! That should be fun. 

Sending love!

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HEY MOJO,  it is so good to hear from you!!!  Like Abita, I've been thinking about you sweet girl!!!

It is good to know you are doing well and keepin on!

And Yes, Hula Hula all night.  It is such a beautiful dance!

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It is good to hear that you are doing well, Mojo.  

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It is always a pleasure to hear from you, Mojo. It makes me happy to know that your are doing well - considering, and enjoying the fresh mountain air.  

And, that you are at peace with yourself and the world.  It is a hard decision you have made, and I am happy to know you are making the most of the world around you, and your family, of course. 

Keep on popping back in. We're always here and hear as in ear. 

Cyber hugs!


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Hey girl! Been wondering how you're doing- so happy to see you check in. Cheers to you, ya little world traveler! Two big trips in one year. Hawaii is a long way from the Carolinas. Have one of those blue drinks with a little paper umbrella for me. So happy for you! XOXO

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Canadian Sandy
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Nice to hear your doing so well.

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Happy to hear from you and that you are enjoying every day. My daughter moved to Hawaii, and as soo as this virus quarantine stuff goes away I am hopping a plane to see her! ALoha!

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Enjoy life and that vacation that you planned coming up.  Sounds like a perfect way to celebrate life.


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You Go M, life is all about quality. Hawaii sounds like a great place to celebrate it, though I imagine with your spirit, any given day can be a source of joy. Carry on.......................................Dave

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