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Lower Lobe

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Had a CT scan due to what we thought was Kidney stones . Was referred to Urologist for blood in Urine , and while getting a cytoscopy I received results that my scan I had back in November showed that I had a one inch gallstone and several lower lobe lung nodules in both lungs. The largest being .45cm.  So my doctor said cytoscopy was fine, I should have my gallbladder out and that the nodules were not concerning to her. I am a 42 year old woman who smoked on and off during my twenties . Both parents smoked, I just lost my father last April to lung cancer. 

Should I be worried and get a second opionion? I asked if they were calcified and she said no. She said that since it's under .6cm (I hope I have this right) that they don't scan in 3 months , they will do a scan instead in 12 months and if they haven't grown , then that's it.

She felt they looked like scar tissue, I have never had pnemonia and had a TB shot and recent test due to working with elderly for my job.

Any thoughts, opinions, advice is greatly appreciated. Do I just sit tight or get a second opnion?

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You are always free to get a secong opinion, but these ARE tiny nodules. I would maybe get rescanned in 6 months, rather than a year, just to ease my mind. Best wishes.

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I am having a follow up CT scan for lung nodules found back in Jaunary of 2019 for scattered peripheral and subplural solid- appearing nodules in both upper and lower right and left lungs. They range from 2mm to 4mm- so i realize they are small .  I have had vaginal spotting on and off since last August.  I had it checked out and was told it was "mittleschmertz" because of my age (42). I had an ultra sound that was clear of anything abnormal.  Paps always normal. No HPV.  So she suggested that it was ovulation spotting.  Ive never had that, and my cycle very predictable.  Now just moved to a new city.  starting having spotting after intercourse, along with a very sharp pain that woke me in the night in my lower left side of pelvis. the spotting hadn't stopped  after 3 weeks, so i went to drs. Waiting on results of biposy. Blood work came back as having high platelets 488. Thyroid came back okay, no infections or elevated wbc.  i am just nervous.  its going to take a week to get all these results to trickle in... and the dr said she wont call me until they are all in .  So i can just see them come in on my portal and google to figure out what is going on with me. She also said my cervix looked good but started bleeding easily (friable?)  I have this dull achy pain on my left side so im just feeling like its gonna be bad news. Just looking to see if this seems really bad and i should brace myself or are these all explainable symptoms that are nothing.  

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Just noticed your symptoms.  I don't know why. you can't have a biopsy.    Your symptoms should be checked out.  Low chance of cancer but there is a chance.  Why not make sure.

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I would definately get rescanned in 6 months or have them do a pet scan the next time. My mother has gone thru this. This would be for the second time and now has metastatic cancer. They may be small now or may look like scar tissue but could start growing at anytime! Waiting around for 12 months could be to late, just my opinion. Also, if your not feeling comfortable with what the doctors are saying, get a second opinion. It doesn't hurt 

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I was diagnosed with lung cancer on March 22, 2020. I was referred to an oncologist by my primary physician. Many of my friends suggested that I should get a second opinion. My adivice is that if you are comfortable with your oncologist and feel that you can relate to him/her, just go with your intuition.

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