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Hello all

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14 years now from the Stage 4 dx. Just sending out hope and love to all. I don't respond much... but I still read posts. I had a CT scan three weeks ago because I had pneunomia ( not Covdi). The Dr cam back in all serious and said I had pneunomia. But after 4 lung surgeries, I was waiting to here him say something else. I asked him if that was all. He said yes... I know he thought I was crazy being so happy all they could see was the pneunomia. To all.. thanks for sharing the triumphs and challenges.


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Always a bright spot on the board to hear from a long term survivor...especially one with a stage 4 diagnosis.

Sorry to hear that you have pneumonia, but glad it is not something worse.

Take care and keep popping in from time to time to give others hope.


Marie who lvoes kitties

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Glad to hear it was JUST pneumonia.

Great to hear survivor stories. 
And to know they aren't just alive, but laughing it up too.


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Talk about getting scared and relieved all at the same time.  Glad to hear that you are still clear 14 years later and letting us all know here on the board.  That is encouraging news and I'm hoping that you feel better soon.


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I feel fine , thank you. Congrats on still posting and being here!


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I am really thankful when people with stage 4 post here especially if they are long time survivors. It always gives hope to the people recently diagnosed or currectly in treatment. When my dad is down after his chemo I will tell him about you. 

So thank you!

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You are welcome. It was a big deal to me as well when I was first dx'd. All my best to your Dad.


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14 years!  That is crazy good.  While we know it wasn't all a joy ride, and you've definitely paid the price, I am so happy you are where you are now. May it last forever!

 X 14


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Thank you... Congrats on at least 7 years....Glad I didn't get the radiation... I am sure that was tough.


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Glad things are still good, Chip. This Covid stuff has me paying attention to what I do and don't do, I don't want to find I'm somehow at risk, so I just presume it. I'm 13 years, next month, from DX, and it's a nice place to be. Happy that you're doing well, stay safe!.........................................................Dave

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