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How is everyone?

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I decided to log on tonight to search (a symptom of course) and somehow lost my link and thought this forum was gone! I had a few moments of panic until I found it, then of course had to reset password. I can't tell you how relieved I am to see this discussion board is still here.  I'm sure I mentioned before what a life-line this sight has been for me. I'm not so active now but when I was in the thick of treatment, I was here all the time. 

So I just wanted to say Hi and say how thankful I am. I am hanging in there and unbelieveably have not caught COVID. Nothing short of a miracle as far as I'm concerned. Thankful that I'm able to work from home and still get a paycheck. 

Hope you all are doing well and taking advantage of summer weather!


Max Former Hodg...
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I look at CSN about once or twice a aweek nowadays.   Very happy to hear that you are well.  I guess there are about ten of the 'old-time' crowd now who occasionally post something.  No doubt more than that read at times.

In my fairly wide sphere of conversation with Facebook, emails, and in-person stuff, I have known only two people who tested positive for COVID.  Both were in their 20s, and never had any symptoms.  They would have never known they had it if not tested.   I have never known any older person who tested positive or who got sick with symptoms of it.  I have worked in public full-time since the virus first came to America, with no issues at all.   The corporation, which does a lot of international travel, has about 16,000 employees, and the people I ask (daily) say they know of no coworkers who have been sick from it, but a good many have tested positive without any symptoms.   With 330,000,000 Americans, and 155,000 US deaths, the death rate overall here has been around 1 individual in every 2,200 (all numbers approximations).  This is a death rate of 00.05 overall -- much less than an annual influenza season.

Do be careful and keep yourself safe and well


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Be careful and you stay well!

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Glad you are doing well. As for COVID-19 my experience is almost like Max's though I am very careful and wear masks in public so that is a factor. I know one person whose mother, aged 87,  died in a nursing home in VA from the virus. One of my 5 grandchildren (age 3) tested positive after running a slight fever but otherwise being asymptomatic. He is back in daycare after 2 weeks isolation. No one else in that family tested positive. My son's neighbors on both sides (7 people) all tested positive . One man was hospitalized for overnight stay but otherwise the entire two families were assymptomatic except the children had 2 days of diarrhea. One of the Moms actually ran a marathon.  I take this seriously but I still know this is an election year and accept nothing at face value.


I like how this is an entirely non-political, transparent write up. 

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the entireley non political post :-)

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Great to hear from you!

Symptoms? Call nurse or doctor. If you are in the 50+ crowd, life begins to become a series of daily symptoms. Some we can filter out and some we call about. How ya' gonna know?  

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Grateful Mary
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Besides Doctors and Groceries I stay home. I wear a mask anytime I leave home. I can stay busy and grateful I have family and friends that check on my husband and I. Just being extra careful.

I have thought to relax a bit and then it spikes up again. So if I don't need to go out I don't. Plenty of Books and puzzles.

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