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I have a lot of posts as I help the Newbies with Kidney Cancer. It will be 18 years in 3 days. Last September 30 my Prostate was removed by Mr Robot. It was a Gleason 8 before and a Gleason 9 after Patho;ogy. On New Year's Eve about 5PM I had my Gallbladder removed and held off on the Kegal for 3 months. When will my continance return?. I am only 77.





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After surgery there is no fixed timetable to recover continence and recovery is not dependent on kegels. It comes naturally with time.

At 77 the worst scenario from RP is to become incontinent and the shortening of the penis as it retreats into the skin (buried penis) and pees as a sprinkler. Many guys need to use proper underware not just simple pads.

Best wishes for improvements.


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Hi Iceman,

Don't know if there is a specific date but if it was me I would restart the Kegels and see where it leads you.  Did you show any progress by doing Kegels immediately after surgery?

Dave 3+4


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