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Solitary kidney with stones and cyst

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Hello all. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this. I was born with one kidney and I have stage 3b kidney disease. I have had a cyst on the remaining kidney that continues to grow. It is now 7.8cm. I have an appt with a urologist in a few weeks, but since I only have one kidney, what would be my options? 

Any feedback would be welcome. Thanks in advance

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It os a little hatd to give advise on a complex medical ptoblem where the only thing we have in common is one lodbey. I lost nune 18 years ago. I f they can save a good part of the otker you should be OK. Stage 3b Chronic Kidnwy Disease and 1 kidney soggests a consult with a Nephrologist as well.





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Thank you for your response, yes I have a nephrologist who monitors my CKD. The cyst came up while they were doing an abdominal scan and it went from simple to complex in last few months and grew. My nephrologist said it was quite large and said I needed to see Urologist, whom I will on the 17th. I have to get another MRI, but they have been giving me scans for last 3 years and it has grown into Bosnick 2F


Again, thanks for your message.

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I'll be waiting to hear your progress, I was also born with only one (right side) and when my kidney tumor was discovered and removed four years ago, they also disovered a cyst that they have monitored since then. So far stable, about 3-4cm. Hope your appointment with the urologist goes well. Take care -

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Thanks so much Jazzgirl, I will definitely keep you updated and I appreciate your response. From all I have read online (not sure I should go down that rabbit hole..hahaha), I know it can travel and I have cyst on liver and pancreas...so we shall see. I am optimistic though from all the stories I have read here and the strength displayed. 

But I will be back here to give update after Urologist appt on 17th.



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Im wishing the best for you.  

The most you can do is have good doctors, highly experienced ones.  We went to large teaching medical centers that were in the top 10 for kidney cancer.   And yet, opinions varied as to the best plan.  I hope you meet doctors that you can put your faith and trust in.  

I have met online people who have a part of one kidney and are doing well.  Just sayin.

Take someone with you to your appointment.  Im looking forward to hearing how you are doing.

(Im here for my husband who had stage 4 rcc in 2012 stage 4, and is NED since 2013)

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