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Chromophobe RCC.

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Apologies to my many friends in this site who were always here when I needed them.

i have been absent for a while.  Sorry life busy with parents, children and a few close deaths along the way 

Not to mention having what I though was covid in Jan,  was suffering for six weeks  was never in hospital 

I warned everyone at the time when the news of China arriving things would not be good and they all laughed at me

My local doctors were not taking things very seriously then even though I had strong breathing difficulties 

I can't prove it unless I get the test so hopefully that will happen soon

I got a nice birthday present this week 

A clear full chest and abdomen scan two and half years after my diagnosis of an 4.4cm chromophobe 


it's been a dreadful time for everyone recently.

Grateful beyond relief .  My children lost their father to cancer so at least I can still be here for them. 

I could not believe I  will be sitting here when I first got the news

You can imagine ..

Still deeply thankful to those wonderful people who helped me get here with my sanity still in check and helped me so much

Thank You so much. Especially those hero's who are  here always ready to Help

Iceman,  My chromie Buddies, Stub  Stub Bay Area Guy   Jersy Girl

All the Donna,s


All the Annies



All of you   I don't want to miss anyone


And special rembering Fox who helped me off the edge of the cliff many times


Stay strong everyone

i will stick around if you don't mind

Tell Iceman I love him



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I'm glad you checked in--please know my heart goes out to you for the difficult time you've had recently.  I hope and pray for some smooth waters for you now.

Take care--wishing you only the best!


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Joined: Aug 2017

Hope you and the family are well

Well breaking news this week

had the antibody test and came back negative 

don't know what I had but was that was horrible 

i get the flu jab every year

whatever it was.   It was not nice


have a follow up with my cons on July 6th

I hope there will be no change of plan




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Congrats on your scans . I also am a chromie, my tumor was 11.7 cm . I was diagnosed at 37 and nephed the same year . I'm now 44 . Have two grand babies I never thought I would see , Allie And allanah. live life and appreciate every day . Try to move forward and away from the cancer diagnosis . 

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Life certaintly is strange these days. It's understandable with all you have had going on that you haven't been able to visit this board. I've been in kinda the same boat. Here's to hoping and praying for better times!

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