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Kidney Cancer remission

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How many patients stay in remission for five years

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Depends on stage size grade age and etc


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I have been 5 years 

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Max57, How is you bulge ? I still have bulge on one side of incision after two months of surgery. Does it disappear for certain time ?

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Bay Area Guy
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There's no one size fits all answer to your question.  Mine was chromophobe type, small, localized and found very early.  I've had no sign of recurrence or spread in the four years since the surgery.  But, type, size, location and how early the malignancy is discovered all factor in to the remission percentages.

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I wouldn't even use the term "remission" unless it was a Stage 3 or 4 cancer that had been successfully treated with immunotherapy or chemo.

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As there is no test, yet, to tell if there is still an errant cell in the body, the term used is recurrence.

My original surgery removed most all of the Stage IV organs that contained Renal Cell Carcinoma.  That was 2006; and because there was no active site, I was not put on any of the drugs still in testing.  Every 3 mo. CT's and the difference between #3 &#4 showed and enlarging node that was positive on needle biopsy. That was surgery in 2007.  the following year, the same thing-difference between 3 & 4 showed another node in another location.  It wasn't in a place to biopsy so I had a PET scan and it lit up.  Surgery in 2008.

Since that time my CT's and/or chest X-ray with Abd-Pel. US have turned out NED.  That makes no Kidney cancer recurrence since 2008-12 years this month.

Hop this helps.


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I was diagnosed in February 2019 with stage 4 kidney cancer that had spread to both lungs and some lymph nodes. They removed the left kidney that had a large tumor attached. I started on a new treatment that was apporived a couple weeks before my diagnosis. It consists of an infusion every 3 weeks of keytruda (pembrolizumab) and 5mg Inlyta(axitinib) chemo pills twice a day. I had CT scans every 6 weeks and the tumors kept shringing. After 7 months there are no visible signs of cancer. I have stayed on the treatment and just had my 19th infusion today. I am considering stopping the treatment to have an incisional hernia repaired.


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You can search on this site for the most recent stats.  Its presented as the percentage of all renal cancer patients from 3 different categories. Local, regional and distant.

 There is alot of great info on this site.  To the left, in the blue shaded area, click on Cancer information, and then get to Kidney cancer.  It explains what you want to know.

You can do more indepth research based on type of RCC and stage some other places online.

Im personally against knowing this information because you dont know as an individual how the stats apply to you.

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