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CT Scan Results

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Bay Area Guy
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I had my annual CT scan yesterday.  First in, first out.  I even had the same tech as last year and we remembered each other.  He did just as good of a job and, surprisingly, the results were posted on Stanford's health portal already, 24 hours later.  Another year of NED.  This was my fourth anniversary scan.  Last year, they told me it would be the last, so it'll be interesting to see what the nurse pracititoner or physician's assistant says on the 15th when I have a video appointment with them (I guess the doctor only talks to sick people, as I haven't seen him since the day after the operation).

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They may follow up with US. They do for me as I have always had a sub cm syst in the spare.



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I had my 4th ct in January this year. Next year he said ultrasound and chest xray. 

Happy for you!


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Nice when the scans are just routine, isn't it?  I had mine Monday, and it was posted on the portal the same day.  My appointment with the urologist is tomorrow, in person and with the actual surgeon.  My results look fairly straightforward, although I have questions about thickening of the adrenal gland on the nephrectomy side.  That hasn't been mentioned on the previous scans.

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Congrats on pleasant news.  Is there anyplace open to go celebrate?  Or just order in.

Have a great day.


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Bay Area Guy
Posts: 514
Joined: Jun 2016

We open to outdoor dining at 12:01AM Saturday.  But no one knows what to expect.

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So happy for you. That's wonderful news! 

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Way to go

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As expected, all is great! Congrats! :-)

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Congrats on NED! hope your doing well!


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Congratulations, hope all is well under this crazy time! Time flies!

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Canadian Sandy
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Congratulations! Happy Birthday also!

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To my fellow "four-year chromie partner"--I'm so pleased with your results.  My scans are scheduled for the 26th.  I'll have my scans and bloodwork in the morning then meet with one of the doctors in the afternoon.  If everything comes back clear, we'll have to have a long-distance toast to each other!  


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Bay Area Guy
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Not if, Stub, WHEN everything comes back fine.  I'll break out a nice Pinot noir for the entire board here.

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Congrats bay area guy.  Wonderful news.

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Oops though I had replied


great news BAG


Never in doubt

Dont thiNK you will get much travelling done this year

but sometimes boring is good






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Bay Area Guy
Posts: 514
Joined: Jun 2016

Doesn't appear so, Annie.  We're hoping maybe a road trip if things open up more, but who knows.  We were booked and ready for cherry blossoms in Japan in late March/early April, but I guess if we had gone, we'd still be eating sushi (which would not be a bad thing).

But I'm guessing international travel will probably depend on a vaccine, and we'd prefer not to be in the first group that takes it.  I'd rather see if people grow a third arm or go blind or have any other serious side effects before taking it.

So, boring it will be for a while.

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