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This is a cruddy time...

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to be dealing with cancer.  If you are new to this venture, I'm sorry.  If you have been around the block a few time, I'm sorry.  If you've been a survivor, HooRay.

It seems like many of us don't check the board as often; but hopefully we can respond if you are a newbie.

Keep up the good cheer, have a stiff upper lip, and suck in your gut (if you can).  

This is the second day of warm sunshine with little wind on the Southern Oregon Coast and I just bought several flats of bedding plants to brighten pots and plots.  Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

Hugs to all,


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But I'm glad you're doing well, Donna. Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe! 


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I also noticed that there is a downturn of activity on the board.  For a brief moment I was disappointed and then I actually rejoiced in that there were no newly diagnosed distraught people.  Im so very happy that there is a downturn, plus it seems like there is stability for lots of people here.  8 1/2 years since my husbands stage 4 diagnosis.  Hes a ball of energy that I wish I felt.  Hes still enjoying going to work every day.  Im isolating at home and miss everyone.  Maybe we can just have this be a chatty little thread.  Im gardening too.  I did curbside pick up for plants.  Sight unseen.  Curbside pickup for more yarn, and dog food.  Some of this may spoil me.  Ive never been a drive-thru kind a gal.  Best wishes always.

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Thanks for posting, Donna.  I do think the pandemic has something to do with the lack of posting.  We're consumed with other things right now.  On another note...I scheduled my "Year 4" scans this past week.  I'll be heading to Rochester, Mn the end of June for bloodwork, scans, and a visit with Dr. Chow's team.   Fingers crossed for another cancer-free year.

Take care, everybody!


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Bay Area Guy
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I go in the beginning of June for blood and x-ray, then a week later for a CT.  Thankfully, those can be done at a remote medical building Stanford operates and not at the main hospital site.  My follow-up appointment (this will be four years) is with a nurse practitioner and will be a video appointment.

At last year's appointment, I was told this year's would be the last for my routine scans, as my insurance won't pay for any more.  Well, it just so happens I transition to Medicare in September (jeez, where did the years go), so we'll have to see what happens between Medicare and the new supplement plan I get through my former employer.

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Thanks for posting, Donna. Hope everyone is well. 

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Hello Donna, thanks for posting and keeping forum alive :-)

I work from home, daughter is with me because kindergarden is closed. Husgand goes to work every day, lucky guy :-)

I so wish things would be back to normal! 

Good health to everyone and good luck with upcoming scans!

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