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Coronavirus, cancer and all alone

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I guess tonight I'm struggling with all of the above,  I am blessed with four years of not active cancer, yet I know I have to stay at home to protect myself.  So I stay at home, day after day.  But I'm all alone, family is distant, and the phone calls, or emails from family are too infrequent as they are only trying to get through their daily lives themselves.  I'm just feeling blue tonight, but giving hugs out to those who are actively fighting.  Hugs and thanks

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I'm so sorry. These have been some rough times but being alone only makes it much worse. I live in a 55+ community and I'd say 25% of the people here are alone. I am lucky I have my husband and he has been keeping me amused. Both of us are helping out other people here. We know we're supposed to be confined but when a single man here, fell and broke his right arm, with no relatives nearby, what can you do? Somehow he has to get to the doctor's office, the pharmacy, to the grocery store and bank. We've made meals for him as have others in our community. I have been having a friend over. She's an RN but has been through some really tough times and mentally is not in a good place right now. We've done crafts and played cards. 

Mental health is just as important as physical health! They keep talking about "essential activities" but don't take into consideration that maybe human contact is also "essential." 

I pray you're able to find a support system and this virus runs its course quickly!!



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Eldri said it best, DonsWife. That sense of loneliness can be so overwhelming. Thank you for reaching out to all of your friends here. Please continue to do so. We all need to help each other through the rough times. While virtual hugs can't even begin to take the place of human contact, please feel all of the love coming your way.

I pray this restriction passes sooner than later. 

Love and Hugs,


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Donna Faye
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I have always been a big reader and writer. Last week I got down my family history and decided to get a timeline of my mother's life. I had heard her stories all my life but had never known how old she was when things happened. So I laid out a time line from 1905 to 1984 and wrote her age. Then inserted dates of things I knew. It was fascinating to learn that she was older than she had seemed to me when telling her story. It made me contact several cousins to get dates they had of her sisters and then got carried away filling in all the blanks. Then I started writing the stories she had shared and was able to write - she was 13 years old, etc.  

Now I am not suggesting you do the same, but you might have a similar project. I have also signed up for Master Class which for $180 opens doors to wonderful topics taught by excellent teachers. I listened to Helen Merren on Portia's speech and decided she is better actor than teacher. But Dan Brown swept me away writing a novel.

I will also admit that I never feel alone. From the earliest age, I talked to a friend in my head. Actually, out loud until my mother thought I had someone hidden in the bathroom with me! Then I just talked inside my head. Oh the adventures we did share. So I happily admit that anytime I feel lonely, I talk to my heart friend and often forget she is not real. Google talking to oneself and you'll see it is quite healthy!.

I hope you feel less alone after our visit here. Stay strong, this too shall pass. df

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Hugs, Donswife.  These are tough times, and as said earlier, our physical health is as important as our mental health.  The latter is being pushed to the limit right now.  

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Also sending hugs!  I am blessed to have my husband with me. (He did some grocery shopping today while hungry, so we have plenty of food now including snacks!) My mom went to an urgent care 11 days ago, but was sent home to her independent living. She is quarantined to her room for 2 weeks. Some of the family have been doing FaceTime with her and that has helped her. I have started a project of transferring old camcorder tapes to DVD. I also need to catch up on my journals. Like Donna Faye said, maybe there is some forgotten project that you could work on. For me, the very best way to get out of the dumps is to listen to my worship playlist. Praying for you!

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Well, sort of, but your words helped.  I'm working outside digging a very horrible weed called poison hemlock - yup the same plant that killed Socrates (yikes).  I'm saving my one old N95 mask for if I ever go out again, so I only limit myself to 30 minutes before I come in and shower.  Otherwise, I listen to Jazz and Blues, maybe I should switch to something more lively.  Thank you all for just being you.  Stay safe, hugs

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Donna Faye
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We always feel good when we dig in the ground. As a young girl, I always had a horse and I would ride for hours and pour out my teenage soul to my horse. You made me remember that and the hours came flooding back. Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I am going for a ride when we are free to do so.

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I've had some seasons of being utterly alone, too.  Praying you feel all the love from us here, and that God will give you comfort and peace and joy through this and always.

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Hang in there!  Great to hear you're going outside and doing productive things.  You can see people, as long as you stay over 27 feet away.  I take long walks with my girlfriends in my suburband neighborhood, walking on opposite sides of the street, shouting our conversation (which gets especially loud when my hard of hearing friend forgets to put in her hearing aids!).  Well, I figure it's entertainment for the rest of the neighborhood.  And phone calls and videochat visits with friends and family help too.  And we are here for each other!

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Don's Wife, there's nothing like gardening to life the spirits, although I'd rather be planting flowers than pulling weeds. : )  At this time every year, I long to plany flowers, but our last freeze date us mid May, so it will be a while before I can do that. Something that has been a big help to me during the stay at home order in my state is listening to audiobooks. I do it through Audible books via the Alexa app. It's been comforting listening to some of my favorite books, much more so than watching tv.


Good luck,


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