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Happy 80!

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Donna Faye!  Happy 80th birthday!!

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Donna Faye
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The day began with a Bojangles steak biscuit, my favorite next to a BLT.  Cards and emails are coming in and my BD party will be a zoom with lots of family at 7pm. That is nice as we can gather at the computers and tell stories on poor me but no big clean up after. My grands so far are showing no symptoms and that is all I want, for all my family, friends and all of you to be safe and well. My cup is full and dripping!

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Donna Faye, I'm so glad you had a happy birthday surrounded by family and friends, even though some were present by video.  I hope you have many more to come.



Fridays Child
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Congratulations!  I have another friend who shares your birthday - obviously an auspicious day for wonderful people!

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Happy Birthday DF! It sounds like it is going to be a wonderful day in spite of the limitations.

Love and Hugs,


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Happy Birthday Donna Faye!  Quite a milestone!

Anonymous user (not verified)

How wonderful that your family can be with you on the computer screen.  Hugs

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Happy Birthday Donna Faye

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I hope the party was wonderful!  Much love and appreciation to you, our beloved DF!  

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Happy birthday, Donna! I'm sorry I missed it yesterday but it sounds like you had a wonderful day even going through this pandemic. I always enjoy your posts and hope I have as much oomph as you do when I'm 80!!



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Donna Faye
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I may be the oldest lady on this board as my son reminded me that I am not beginning my 80th but my 81st!!! My math was always awful. But may I offer some sunshine here. As we zoomed my party with all my children and grands as well as two childhood friends, the stories began to roll as my eldest loves to tell things his mother did with great exaggeration, much laughter ensued. But as we drew to a close an hour later, my oldest friend on this earth said this: "25 years ago I was sure BC would take you away from us. But you surprised even your doctors and traveled, enjoyed family and friends. Then in 2016, you faced more cancer. Yet you have beaten it again and again. Now here you are, 80 and feeling fine and taking another treatment but still loving life. Cancer may come, but you seem to just laugh it away." So wherever you are in your battle, remember you are woman and do we roar. It may seem dark, but look for the silver lining. As we struggle not only with C but the virus and isolation, may this special season all over the world bring you a beautiful sunrise and day filled with sunshine, with others or alone, rejoice in the promise of spring. xoxo me

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Posts: 2888
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Hitting the "Like Button"

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Donna Faye, you are an inspiration.  Thanks for sharing your birthday and your wonderful attitude with us.  Best wishes, Oldbeauty

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Thank you Donna Faye. Just when I was feeling as this virus was robbing me of precious and limited time I have to do things I want to do, you've helped me see what I do have to be grateful for. The blessings and hope of Easter be with you all. 

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Sounds like your BIG birthday was extra-special, Donna Faye!  I know you won't forget this one anytime soon!!  I can't wait to see what you're going to do for your 81st to top this.  Happy 80th and may you have many, many more happy and healthy birthdays!! 

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Happy Birthday Donna Faye, and may you have many more, together with your loving family.

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hope you had a fabulous birthday Donna Faye. 

Day 3, 12th attempt!

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Happy belated birthday, Donna Faye. You painted such a beautiful picture of your situation, your birthday day, and the love of and for your family. You are an inspiration in these dark times.

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Such a beautiful sentiment from your friend! Thankful your family is well and safe.


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I'm sorry that this is late, but, happy birthday.  I hope that you celebrate many more "feelin great" birthdays.

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