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Prayer for those on chemo

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Prayer for today 

Lord, my heart aches for my friends, who are undergoing chemotherapy. How it saps their energy, Lord.  Sometimes it seems the cure is more devastating than the disease. Stay close to them in this time of healing, Lord.  Bring them comfort, and fill them with the knowledge that they can find hope in you.  I know you will lend them the strength they need to get through this trying time.

Fridays Child
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Well said, Cheese.

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Anonymous user (not verified)

And let them not be turned away from their doctors or treatment because of the Covid-19.  

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Donna Faye
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Please give extra strength to those who live alone and to whom this stay at home order limits them even more. Cancer treatment is our lifeline and to have this extra burden added is hard to weather. So may all the angels gather nigh and give extra love and care to every one of us on this board, but especially those alone. I love all of you so much.

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