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Ned with a suspicious lymph node

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Dear fellow members,

After chemo regimen, resection of esophageal tumor and leison to liver, there was a 1 cm lesion shown on liver that was destryoed via abletion. My mri post abletion showed no new leisons or any new cancer. They noted that there is a suspcious lymph node close to the area of the abletion. Oncologist stated that we will continue with clean up chemo and keep an eye on lymph node. Just want to hear any patients or care givers if they are aware of this or have similiar situations.

God Bless and will await for your input

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I'm glad that you have received such overall good news.  I'm unfamiliar with your current situation, but I can see why you are concerned about it.  I hope you are able to find the answers you're looking for.

Best Wishes,


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Six months after esophagectomy I had a recurrence in 3 lymph nodes and also a suspicious spot on my lung .  I did not have a lung biopsy because the chemo  prescribed  for the lymph node rcurrence would be the treatment of choice if a lung biopsy was positive.  The chemo took care of the lymph nodes and the lung spot!  I hope this makes you feel more optimistic about the "keep an eye on it" decision.  

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Could you share what type of chemo took care of your lymph nodes and lung spot?

I have the same as recurrence after 8 months...

Thanks, Roscoe

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Hello Roscoe,

I'm sorry to hear about your recurrence.  Unfortunately, EC has a very high rate of coming back.  I've had two recurrences since my initial stage III occurrence in 2008.  In 2011, I had a stage IV recurrence in a lung (no lymph node involvement) and it was treated with just chemo.  I received folfox every two weeks and herceptin every week because I was HER2+.  In 2019 I had another recurrence in a lung, but this time it was able to be handled with just surgery.  Both times, I received a clean bill of health afterwards.  I hope you have similar results.


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