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Raised PSA 7 weeks after biopsy

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Hi All 

Thanks for your valuable information.

My brother had a PSA test recemtly at about 7 weeks after biopsy. It had a reading of 5.5. He was 3.2 on the day of the biopsy. He has Gleason 3+4 in one core of 16 that were sampled. Does PSA go up by that much after a biopsy?

Georges Calvez
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Hi there,

PSA is an indirect indicator of the activity of prostate cancer and it can change in value as a result of a biopsy or because it damn well pleases.
Have a look at the 28 day experiment when a man had his PSA tested over a 28 day period when he did absolutely nothing in medical terms and look at the fluctuations.
Have it tested again in a few weeks and see what you get.

Best wishes,


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Thanks George's. Appreciate you taking time to reply.

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