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Why We're Here...

Posts: 16
Joined: Sep 2019

The only reason why we're here is because we need someone to talk too. 

Someone who understands.

Someone who understands because they've been through it too. 

Someone who will support us through empathy, not sympathy. 

So maybe if we post something, we should respond to something. 

If we see a post with no comments, we change that and comment.

We're all here because we need support, so let's support each other...

Just a thought...

beat atc's picture
beat atc
Posts: 64
Joined: Mar 2013

saw ur posts. 7 year atc survivor, in the beginning for me I was here often, the doctors told me I had 3 months to live. One day l looked in the mirror saw that awful death cancer look. That got my attention and I was going fight and win! Don’t think much about that time in my life anymore even tho beating anaplasic thyroid cancer was a great victory, My doctor told me some children with cancer never play, run, jump. My support came from a lady here named Alpha, she got me through .thanks for reminding me!!

Posts: 16
Joined: Sep 2019


Thank you for your reply.

Your story is truely inspirational! 

Thank you for reaching out and for reminding me...reminding us, that we don't have to go through this fight alone. 

Take care,

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