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Questions about robotic retroperitoneal partial nephrectomy

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Hello, I am a woman in my 40s and recently found out I have a 2.2cm kidney tumor. It does not appear to have spread. The doctor said there is an 85% chance it’s cancerous but they won’t know until it’s removed so of course I’m hoping it is benign.

The first surgeon I met with said he could not operate robotically due to the position of the tumor and my short height. I got a second opinion at Mayo and they said they can do a robotic retroperitoneal partial nephrectomy.

Looking for others who’ve had the procedure. I wondered where are the incisions, how was your recovery and how long before you returned to work, were they able to remove the whole tumor, and did your surgeon have to switch to an open surgery?

i know this was caught early and the tumor is small, so right now my main worry is about the surgery and recovery period.

Thank you!


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I recently had a robotic retroperitoneal partial nephrectomy (May 2019). I must disclose that the doctor didn’t really explain why we were going this route other than I could do it because mine was a posterior small tumor on the bottom of my left kidney. Meaning they didn’t have to go through the front to get to it. My understanding is that this particular robotic procedure causes less pain, hospital stay and pain meds because they go in from the side. Less muscle involvement and in my case no organs or bowels to move around to get to it. I would say though my understanding is that this is a more challenging robotic procedure than the normal robotic partial nephrectomy as there is less space for them to work going in via retroperitoneal.  I would make sure the doctor has done a lot of these. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about as I had this done in Idaho with no problems LOL


My outcome was great, up and walking the halls within 7 hours. Walked out to the car to go home the next day with the wife. They sent me home with pain pills but never needed to use them. I avoided lifting for a couple months but to stay moving I mowed the lawn and went camping a week later.


As far as returning to work depends on what you do. Most doctors probably wouldn’t release you regardless of how you feel until at least 2 weeks.


Six months out, no complications or pain. I ended up with a 1.2 CM  RCC grade 2. They got the whole tumor with clean margins


If you want to see my scars right after surgery, send me a message with your email address via contact user function.

Here is the place i got my surgery with some more info on that procedure


Good luck Rich


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Thanks so much for sharing your experience! I’m glad to hear everything went smoothly and that you're feeling good now. 

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