Did you know there are oncology PTs

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A really bright spot in my journey was my appointment today with an oncology PT ! He made me feel so much better as I do have lymphedema in both lower legs and he has given me relief that it will soon be under control. He also was very open and comfortable talking with me about the value of this therapy as time moves on. The cortisone shots I had in both knees last week have reduced the OA pain so I am feeling much like my old self. He is the only oncology PT on staff right now so I feel extra lucky that I have appointments with him for the next 6 weeks. So just wanted you to know there are PTs who are trained to work with cancer patients and their knowledge is vast. Have had PT for lymphedema in arm but never with one who knew so much about cancer. 


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    I did have a PT who

    I did have a PT who specializes in helping cancer patients.  I had a really interesting conversation with her and patients who had breast cancer.  Those patients cannot have the BP taken on an arm that has/had lymphedema.  I agree it is nice to find that there are people who specialize in helping cancer patients with their side effects.  

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    Oncology physical therapists

    I had no idea there are physical therapists that specialize is issues suffered by people who have or have had cancer. I knew there were lymphedema specialists. I just ordered 4 pairs of compression knee hi stockings from durable medical supply company. My health insurance company has a coverage policy that requires them to pay for 4 pairs of compression stockings a year if an enrolle or member has lymphedema. I know with breast cancer the health plan’s are mandated to cover a certain number of compression garments. 

    Thanks for sharing your experience with the oncology physical therapist. Makes sense to have a PT oncology specialty. We have many special needs and deal with a variety of issues a physical therapist could help us with. 


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    Update on this

    My PT guy is fantastic. Not only is he from my neck of the woods, but his parents were teachers, and he is just the perfect gentleman. But most of all, he has made me feel so much better. My swelling was not so great as to be noticed by others, but it was impacting my muscles and nerves and walking had become so painful. He has reduced the swelling to almost none and my pump arrives Monday to reduce the swelling daily. I just want to encourage any of you who are having painful legs to make sure it is not lymphedema. I had attributed mine to OA and chemo/rads but alas, this has proven me wrong. When one can walk easily, one is a happier person.