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Any tips to beat fatigue

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When I first started irinitecan /erbutix, I felt like the fatigue was not as bad as on folfox. But now I am just exhausted! 
At first I was doing that trial for the cream that took a lot of time. Then I took a vacation, which was very active, then got back and went upstate to visit family. I am hoping it is just the activity and now that I am able to slow down, I will get better,but I am so fatigued. Right now, basically work and feeding cats is all I have energy for.


I am hoping to get caught up and just a little less fatigued so I can start a bit of cardio, and basically just doing some things to enjoy

the life  have been given.

What do you do to gain enegy?

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Sounds like you have been very active for awhile and although it seems you have the energy for it at the time, it does catch up to you once you slow down.  It might take you a bit to get caught up and feel less tired, but you are, and have been, going through a lot so your body is worn down.  Rest when you need to and don't hesitate to slow down a bit.  Give your body time to gain strength.  Also, make sure that you eat protein and get a little extra rest.  Give yourself some pampering too (nice hot bath, massage, manicure, relaxing music, etc).  That helps a lot with rest itself.  Wishing you well.


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I just finished my 23rd round of FOLFORI and sitting on the couch.  The tired does build up.  I have not found anything that gives instant energy for me.  But I am going to exercise, probably run on treadmill, at some point today.  The one thing that I found is that once I can break through the intertia I can keep going for a bit.  It is tough to get going but the cardio has helped me immensely the last two years.  Both in having energy and strengthening my lungs so that despite all the tumors and missing part of my lung, I do not need oxygen and rarely have breathing issues compared to what should be going on.  In fact I will be running a 1/2 marathon this weekend.  (Well, at my speed, running is a bit of a stretch, I am kind of slow ;) )

I am also trying to get a better sleep schedule going, trying to be more consistent.  

Also, I totally agree with what Kim said.  Pampering and a bit of spoling yourself goes a long way.  I have added massages recently, just because, and manicures more for necessity.  The chemo seems to have weakened my nails a bit.  Right now I get clear gloss, but I may try black gloss like when I played in bands ;)  


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It is very individual. I tried to walk for 15 min on a day of infusion. It helped somewhat. While walking I had spantNeous vomiting and basically trashed the surroundings with my multiple episodes of vomiting. The doc said stay in bed and take sleeping pills. So, I did it the bed and the carpet was covered in vomiting. After that I had to have energy to clean all that because I live alone.

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When I was hit hard by fatigue, it was as though I were a ballon that had been popped.  I could feel it happening. I would have to get to the couch, or I would be on my hands and knees crawling - did that a few times.  When I got to that stage, there was nothing I could do but wait it out. 

I do think that some kind of exercise before the worst part of fatigue hits, is a good idea. I wish now that I had pushed a little harder at that. 

I think you have to figure what works best for you. 


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I'm going down to MSK next week for scans and appts.  I have one with Integrative Med, and fatigue tops my list, as that is my most significant side effect on Folfiri.  I'll report back.


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