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Update after hormones and radiation

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Latest update.  I hope this helps some of you with the decision making process.  Be happy to answer any questions.  


Age 68 at diagnosis 

2/2009 PSA 4.3 Biopsy negative

2009-2016 PSA climbed from 4 to 6

DRE all negative

2/2016 PSA 7.5

Ultrasound and DRE indicate nodule

Biopsy with 6 of 12 cores pos

Two 4+3 Four 3+3

5/11/16 Gold Markers Placed

5/5/2016 on Lupron and Casodex

6/8/16 Lupron Dose #2

7/2016 IMRT started 25 fractions 45Gy total

8/4/16 Flomax  0.4mg  started

Cyberknife boost 8/9/16 2 fractions 19 Gy total

Weight down to 128

9/1/16 Last Dose of Casodex

11/18/16 Hot flashes end; getting up 1-2 x per noc

12/6/16   PSA 0.1  T-Level 372

3/6/17     PSA 0.2 T-level 288

7/10/17   PSA 0.2 T-level 308  

11/16/17 PSA 0.2 T-level 311

6/13/18   PSA 0.2  T-level 202

9/21/18 psa <0.1 T-level 225

 5/28/19 PSA <.01 t-level 192

10/17/19 PSA <0.1 t-level 267

Georges Calvez
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Joined: Sep 2018

Hi there,

That looks really good, if things stay like that you are laughing.

Best wishes,


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Thanks for continuing updating us on your case. I would like to read more of your informative comments as you used to share in 2016. In fact several members with loads of knowledge on PCa issues from those times are not posting here anymore. The discussions now are more on trivial matters than on researches and developments.

I am glad to know that the results confirm a continuous success of your treatment. Nobody would use the word CURE to justify the last results but for me a PSA of <0.01 ng/ml in a setting of prime RT with the Testosterone at 267 ng/dL represents a close call to that. Your radiologist might be tempted to use that magical word at your fifth year post RT.

Let's celebrate again.

For those interested in reading your story; https://csn.cancer.org/node/302161

Best wishes,


Georges Calvez
Posts: 546
Joined: Sep 2018

Hi Vasco,

I have posted some stuff on the research and rationale behind my decisions but they did not evince a lot of response so I now put my stuff elsewhere.

Best wishes,


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Hi Ron,

Hopefully many more undetectables in your future. Good luck from one of your fellow walking wounded.

Dave 3+4

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Joined: Nov 2010

Hi Georges,

I do not understand why you informed me here on such discussions What is "research and rationale"? Is it another forum?

Sincerely I do not know what you are refering to.

Give me the link, please.


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Gleason score of 9. Cancer  did not penetrate bone. Lupron and casodex started. Radiation scheduled for January. Hot flashes. What to expect?

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I am sorry to welcome you to the club that nobody wants to join. No doubt you have read about the side effects of hormones. A lot depends on how long you're going to be on them. I was on them for 4 months and the side effects lasted for approximately 6 months. I used a cooling pad to deal with the annoying hot flashes at night especially. See the Web page below.   You can also expect to lose your sex drive for that period of time.

 Can you tell us a little bit more about the type of radiation you are going to receive i.e. how many sessions and what type.
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Hi boydcool71,

I've listed a link below to my experiences with the combined hormone and radiation therapies protocol.


Other side permanent effects, not specifically encountered and documented at the time that I wrote the above linked progress report include the following:

Gynecomastia (benign breast tissue growth, man boobs) - Hormone treatments of Lupron and/or Casodex.

Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating every time performing very minor physical activity) - Hormone treatments of Lupron and/or Casodex.

Hematuria (abundant blood in urine) - Radiation treatments caused recurring instances of bladder wall inflammation.

I wish you the best of success on your journey.


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