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Papillary Serous Endometrial Cancer

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My mother who is 74 was diagnosed with stage 3B papillary Serous Endometrial Cancer. She has completed the 6 cycles of chemotherapy and is now on Maintenance every 3 weeks. Her tumor was sent in to a Genome Fundation to see if she qualifies for other cutting edge treatments. Doctor told us that as of about a month ago, the FDA approved Immunotherapy for everyone.


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My mother had stopped bleeding completely after her initial chemo was completed, now I just found out she is having some bleeding. She did not have surgery because the tumor was too large.

My concern is that the cancer is back in that area. She has a catscan less than a month ago, that showed there was no cancer cells in that region,  but a tiny nodule in her lung and abdomen were present.

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Hoping they can work out a good plan.  Hugs to you and your mom

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for you and your mom. Are they going to do radiation?

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I am so sorry to hear about your Mom's diagnosis.   Since it sounds like she has a tumor in her uterus the bleeding may be coming from the original turmo and not a new one in the vagina.  Has your Mom had genetic testing on the tumor?   She can also look for clinical trials if that is something she wants to try.   Those and radiation are more things she could try.   People are different in what they want.   Is she being treated at a cancer center?

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I too am sorry that your Mom has uterine cancer. She is blessed to have you to advocate and ask the healthcare professionals questions about what is the standard treatment protocol and what the NCCN protocols are and treatment options with probability of survival outcomes. The NCCN protocols are found on the internet and you could access them. I think the web address is www.NCCN.org

Keep asking questions! 


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