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Husband has stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer

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My husband has been sick since Oct.  2017.  Not dianosised until Feb. 2018, and it had already spread out of the prostate.  The cancer is in his bone marrow and lymoh nodes now.  He is at the point now , that he may have to quit work and that will leave us with no insurance.  Any suggestions on insurance.  to put him on my work plan it would cost us 1340 a month.  I only bring home 2000.  So that will leave nothing for bills.  Any sugestions would help.   Thank you 

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What state are you in? Are you able to apply for disability? Medicare? The federal insurance marketplace is opening soon, and they offer subsidies based on income. You will also be able to get special enrollment permission if he has to quit working after the open enrollment window has closed. Medicaid programs should be of some assistance if your single take home income is $2k/month.

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We are in IL and disability will not even speak to him until he is no longer working.   

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You do not mention your husband's AGE.   There is a 'sliding scale' for SS retirement, but if he is around 65 or older now, he can get Medicare automatically; this does not involve disability or even retirement in any way.    If he is a vet, the V.A. is also be a possibility.   And some cancer centers or larger hospitals provide hardship cases....

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I do not know the details of USA's Disability Program but here in the EU a systemic PCa case gets 60% in disability status. A rank of 80% gives that patient access to the disability benefits. I cannot benefit for the EU disability program but your husband may consider such a possibility if his doctor confirms his status and such falls within the evaluation of impairments criteria of the USA Social Security.

Here are some links that may provide you with ideas on the system and on the possibilities;




Best wishes and luck in this journey.


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