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How sweet it is...

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Joined: Mar 2019

Haven't been here in a while. Busy with work and, quite frankly, that has been great.


Had my follow up scans past Monday. Results in. 


No evidence of metastatic disease.


Today's a glorious day. I'm going to take it off. Spend it playing Apex Legends and chilling out. I'm happy. 


Still feel that I need to be vigilant and cautious. Yet, today I feel a heavy weight being lifted from my shoulders.


For those of you fighting this, all I have to say is press on. Fight, brothers and sisters in arms. FIGHT!


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May rhe Ned's continue.






Posts: 61
Joined: Mar 2019

The days leading up to the test were the worst. Today? Well, today I'll have a nice cold beer. And I'll take the rest of the day off.

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I hate the anxiety before tests. Even after 5 1/2 years it's still awful. But it's wonderful news hearing that you're NED. Enjoy that beer and celebrate :)

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Happy for you!

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Congrats! Keep it going! 

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Congrats on NED! :-)

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Mighty Frog
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Very happy for you!  Keep it up ! 

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So nice when Uncle Ned comes to visit!

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