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questions about pump infusion following oxyplatin

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I will start 6 months of  chemo for colon cancer next week.

The plan is to  receive  oxyplatin infusions every 14 days followed by a small pump taped to my chest delivering FU-5 into my port for 48 hours.

The pump will require removal after the 2 days necesitating another visisit to my oncologist

Is there anyway a patient can disconnect the pump themselves safely and return it at the time of the time of the next chemo session in 14 days?? 

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I've known of many patients who do that.   Personally,  I get extra fluids on pump-removal day, so I have to go back.   You'd need to be able to flush your pet and inject heparin. 

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yes it is possible, see recent discussion.

in my case the hospital taught me how to do it one week, then the next time I needed disconnected I did with hospital supervision and from then on I removed it every time. 

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I had the pump 7 days then removed and a new one put on. mine was making noise everytime I moved so I disconnected it . I still had a line hook to my chest. They freaked out when I went back and said I could get a infection in my heart. I think maybe if you had caps for the lines it might be alright.They do flush the port when they remove it. others seem to think maybe you'll be able to. I understand not wanting anymore appoinments then you have to. Hope it works out for you.

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No wonder they freaked out. 

My pump broke during the night, and no longer workd. My Oncologist was so upset that I couldn't get through to the emergency number provided by the pump manufaturer, that he called them himself and told them he would no longer use their equipment. 

Your Oncologist carefully plans how much chemo you will get thruogh your pump (or IV), to treat your Cancer. I had to have extra fast infustion to compensate for the lost hours. 



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My port is very deep, and once when I returned to have the pump disconnected, the nurse found the needle had already backed out of the port and was possibly infusing under the skin. I didn't even realize it had happened! Fortunately the pump was probably almost empty when it happened, because I only got a little bit of swelling in that area. 

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Take a look at this current thread.


You could ask your oncologist about the other option, versus having to infuse.


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Some others just spoke about doing this on another post, so it is possible.  My hospital wouldn't let me disconnect myself, but you might want to ask your facility how they could accommodate you with this request. 


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The infusion center should show you how to disconnect it, but it can leave you open for infection. I always had them do mine.

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My husband had a home nurse come to disconnect.    Check with your insurance.   

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my husband did that every time he had an infusion, made life so much easier!

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My onocologist told me the nurses could teach me to disconnect at home if I wanted, but I never pursued it. My hospital is only four miles from my house, and I realized I would still have to store the items as hazardous waste an take them all back, so it wasn't worth the effort for me. There are some videos online showing how it's done, and it doesn't really look that hard, but you have to flush it and do a hep lock.

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No The port needs flushing but i went to the nurse to have it done. Its all easy. All the best Terry

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How to flush the port

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I was going back every week but this last time I did it myself with no problems. My hospital provided a kit with detailed instructions. It sounds more intimidating than it actually is. I'm receiving the exact same treatment as you are.

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after getting 6 weeks of 5 FU and Radiation as a palliative treatment.  I started chemo treatment with about 40 oxaliplatin/folfox treatments with the 46 hour 5 FU pump.  I then had to switch to Folfiri with the 5 FU 46 hour infusion.  

I have never asked but I can't even get my insurance to approve my giving myself Grannix/Neulasta shots.  I gave myself the shots for a few treatments and then my insurance company said they would no longer approve the shots unless I went in to the cancer center to get it.  STupid if you ask me, it's more expensive and a pain in the butt to drive 45 minutes one way to get a quick shot.  

I can't even imagine that they would let me do my own pump-down. 

I have heard of others doing it so it is possible, I think it really depends on the oncologist/hospital and insurance company if they will let you do your own disconnect. 

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