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Post-op: avoid incisional hernia or flank bulge

DanielQ Member Posts: 32

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for all the encouragement and advices when I was so anxious about the surgery. 

After surgery one of my major concerns is incisional hernia or flank bulge. I have an open partial nephrectomy. Compared to laparoscopic one, does open surgery have higher risk of incisional hernia?

What are the usual causes of hernia? Any general suggestions and advices will be really helpful.

Thank you,




  • APny
    APny Member Posts: 1,995
    I had a small "sausage" like

    I had a small "sausage" like bulge over the incision for a while but now it's completely gone. I was told to stay off the treadmill and not use weights for at least 6 weeks. I would imagine straining might contribute to it. At this point you can barely even see the incision and no hernia/bulge issue.

  • eug91
    eug91 Member Posts: 340 **
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    just my experience-

    Keeping in mind that mine was laporoscopic - I had the same worry. I was super concerned that I'd have a permanent bulge. I thought my side looked huge and lopsided.

    But somewhere between 8-12 weeks after my neph, the bulge was barely noticeable. It shrunk down and kinda merged with the rest of my abdomen.