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Bone mestastasis question

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Husband haas stage 4 to bone. On immunotherapy for 1 year.checkmate. Latest scan shows good results. But,  8 th rib shows activity. He complains of pain everywhere  and is saying, he has had enough of pain. His pain medicine  is only ibuprofen. What do you do for pain? What can i do to help?

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My husband had severe bone met pain too.  I sympathize with both of you.   I will relate to you what worked for him.

He got radiation treatment to rvery bone met site.  Within a week or two the pain was greatly diminished.

He did take much stronger medication than your husband.  I am quite surprised that your husband isnt taking something stronger.

My husband also had spine mets and the nerves were affected, so he was given some medication to calm down the nerves.

He was given a bone agent that helps make the bones stronger.  Either xgeva or zometa.  

We did get referred to a palliative care doctor eho was part of our team.  She cared about the whole person and quality of life.  She in turn, referred us to a pain clinic.  The pain clinic was a miracle.  He spent all day being evaluated by different specialists to come up with a plan.  They tweaked prescriptions, had exercises to do, and various other suggestions.  We elected to do a nerve block in his back which made him able to stop all pain meds.  

I cant tell you how happy we were with the care.  So I advise you to keep being persistent in the desire to be pain free and to have a quality life.  Get referred to a pain specialty clinic.  Good luck to you and your husband.  There is hope to be pain free.  

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I've had several bone mets. Some painful and others not so much. Over the counter pain meds wouldn't touch the bone pain so the MD prescribed Norco which seems to work for me. Radiation treatment has also helped for long term relief.

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and get something stronger for his pain.  So tired of Dr's not treating pain agressively anymore. When my husband was first diagnosed he was having alot of pain in his side, I called his pain clinic and told them he needed something more.  They did give him percocet until his surgery. Sometimes they need a strong push!  Hoping for relief for both of you.

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