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I got great news today. The "spots" in question are all smaller so they were residual healing. 7 months out from surgery so I am thrilled. I even gained 5 lbs..lol..I am eating clean and walking every day. I think my weight gain is from the nuts I eat...I love them!! My doctor will repeat scans and blood work at the first of December. You guys know the anxiety that comes regardless if Buddha is holding your hand while you meditate 24 hours a day. We're human and all that being so encompasses. For this moment and blessing I am beyond grateful. This time last year I had just finished a 3 hour hike the day before I found out I had cancer. I think I am going to take that hike again tomorrow to mark this point on my journey with this awful disease. Thank each and every one of you for the encouragement and well wishes you have given along the way. Much love and huge hug to all of you!!....M

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Nice, enjoy it!............................................Dave

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Thank you!!...You have been such an inspiration to me thru this. Wishing good things your way!! Hugs, M.

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I think you deserve our little Happy Dancing Man

Enjoy your hike.


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Thanks Tru.  Since this cancer ride started with my husband 4 years ago, it has been a bumpy ride. I am going to climb that mountain tomorrow, think about life and soak in the sweetness of it all. You are a lighthouse to so many on this sight, myself included. Thank you! Hugs, your way, M.

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to hear that! Have a great time,Mojo,and celebrate life!


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Thank you so much for the support. I will be on the mountain tomorrow counting blessings. Wishing good things your way!...M

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Congratulations on the great news. I hope you enjoy the hike, it seems like the perfect way to celebrate and contemplate.

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I know you understand that there is no better place to be than on that mountain where I was a year ago when this began. Thank you for the uplift and I will let you know how I hold up on the hike. It will be a lot of uphill climbing so I know it will kick my butt, lol. Hope you are enjoying your own hikes...pics look like you are!  Hugs, M

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So happy to hear that the scan was clean! Heartily agree on taking a hike to celebrate--no better place to feel gratitude and peace !

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Glad you got to take your own hike. What a great pic with such a beautiful backdrop. I will post one after my hike. Thinking of you and wishing you good things!!  Hugs, M

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Enjoy this joyous news.  Thanks for the update. 


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Thanks Kim..looking back over the posts, it is wild to think it has been a year but it has. Thank you for the support you show for all who find themselves here. Even just a word or two can lift spirits when nothing else can. Thank you again for the support!!  Hugs, M

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Canadian Sandy
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Congrats Mo!


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Hoping I stay in the clear!!

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So happy to hear your fantastic news! It gives great hope to those of us looking forward to those clear scan results!


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Hope is a powerful thing. I uploaded a picture from my hike today to my profile. My tee-shirt has a pink heart with the word "Hope" in the center. Keep fighting this nasty disease and hold on to hope always. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers...hugs, M

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I too used to hike in the Tucson Mountans. Currently enjoying 9 years of NED.   Come-be NED like me!!!

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I am trying so hard to be a member of that club!  With faith, hope, and prayers maybe I will be!! Hug, M

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I am really happy for you!

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I am so grateful. The support of this board has carried me thru so many low hope and low faith days. I so apppreciate you taking the time to send a note...big hug, M

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Awesome news to see.  Love it.  Keep on hiking Mojo' 

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I am so happy for you. Fabulous news. xx

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