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Anyone know Dr. Ajani at MD Anderson in Houston, TX

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I just want to know for my mom if this doctor is a keeper or if his hideous bedside manner is a run don't walk scenario.

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I am sorry that your mother finds Dr. Adjani's bedside manner not what she had hoped. He is a well known expert in the treatment of esophageal cancer and has published a number of papers on treatment in that area.

Dr. Jaffer A. Ajani, is a Professor of Cancer Medicine at the MD Anderson Cancer Center at The University of Texas in Houston, Texas.

As MD Anderson is a world recognized center of excellence in the treatment of cancer I would really think twice about moving your Dad's treatment somewhere else. Based on your posts about his current symptoms he definitely needs medical evaluation and treatment. Hopefully they can get to the bottom of his symptoms in the ER and address them.

Other survivors on our forum have had positive experiences with treatment under Dr. Adjani so I hope they will add their comments as well.

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He just went to the ER and they found that he needs a transfusion. The stomach xray showed nothing alarming so they hope they see something in a CAT scan. They gave him morphine because of the pain. I really think it's gallstones. He had them show up in an ultrasound done at a work healthfair. The pain has been like attacks after he eats. Some days are much worse and he has these horrid nightly coughing attacks that keep him from sleeping. Tonight is just when all of us seemed to hit a wall. I know that is going to happen, but I really worry about his motivation to continue this.

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I would strongly recommend that no one allows this man to be their Dr.  He has absolutely no bedside manner, and you must know what questions to ask if you want to know anything.  I would not allow my dog to be treated by him.  When you find out you have cancer and you become a patient at MD Anderson, you think you are going to the experts, not this man.  If we had all the answers we would not need a specialist.  My husband died under his care (if that is what you want to call it, care?), and another Dr. had to make him come to his hospital room to tell us that their was nothing they could do for him.  If we had know this months earlier, we could have at least had the oportunity to search for another Dr or at the very least not spent his last months, weeks, days, int he ER/Hospital. Just a warning to all MD Anderson patients under or considering to be under Dr. Ajani's care, BEWARE.  I have spoken to many of his other patients that have had/are having similiar or the same experience.  Seek out a second opinion, before it is to late. 

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We first met Dr Ajani in the summer of 2006, he was a very quiet man, but I was more than fine with that. He read the reports and made us feel comfortable and began running tests to come up with a plan of treatment. I am familiar with hospital protocol and I realize the Dr does call the shots and he was more than willing to answer all of our questions in such a frantic portion of our lives. He did everything he said he would. My husband was diagnosesd with stage 3 bordering on stage 4 esophageal tumor, given a 50% rate of cure.  We did all the tests, and the treatment plan began. We were assigned a case nurse to be able to contact Dr Ajani as needed and she was wonderful too.  Angela was our nurse.  He took care of my husband for the next five years and was released from MD Anderson cancer free.  We had surgery, radiation and chemo therapy treatments.

I cannot understand how these other folks could have had the same dr as we did and describe him in this way. He did not chit chat for long periods of time with us, told us what we needed to know and then went on to the next patient. He answered our questions and gave us his time as we asked. I totally disagree with the other comments stated here. 

I would highly reccommend him as a cancer doctor if that is what your looking for, if you want a dr to chit chat with then maybe you can go somewhere else.



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