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Menopause and hot flushes

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I hope everyone is coping well with everything we all have in our plates. I was wondering if anyone have used “Black Cohosh” for hot flushes. I have been having a very hard time lately. I am not sure why, since I had a hysterectomy in December 2010. Since the after the surgery, I started to experience menopause symptoms. However, these seem to be accentuated lately. Any advice?

Blessings to everyone!

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I started having hot flashes about 10 years before menopause. My doctor suggested that I try black cohosh. I did take it for about three months, but unfortunately, this did not work for me. But you may have a difference result. I didn't take any other medicine or supplements for the hot flashes.

During this time period I slept under just a sheet and kept a fan in my bedroom on all night. I also had to give up wine since that was a hot flash trigger for me. The worst of the hot flashes basically stopped once I was actually in menopause. And happily I could drink wine again without a problem! I still sleep with a fan on most of year, except in the coldest weather.

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Thank you very much for your input! A friend of mine recommended me Black Cohosh as well. I am waiting to see a new rheumathologist, since the one I currently have has not been interested in my case at all. If anything, he is a very drug pusher kind of doctor. I had my last scan at the end of June, received results in the mail a week later, and I had to call him 3 times to discuss results which he claimed had just received in August. He also said I was not getting better, although the 3 last scan results are listed and showed something different from what he stated. 

I appreciate your feedback!


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I think I had more of an issue with night sweats than hot flashes. Sleeping with an ice bag on my head like I do when I have a migraine really helped me, but I'm not sure that's what you are talking about. I think the ice slippers I was still wearing for neuropathy in my feet helped, too.

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I tried it and it worked for me and I took it about four years due to night sweats as well as hot flashes. I used a product called "Estroven" that I bought at Costco. It does take about a month to start working so you might need to be patient. It relieved the vast majority of my symptoms but not 100%. Still, it worked really well for me so that I could sleep better and not be constantly wet and sticky from sweat. I would run the brand by your doctors as I believe it has black cohosh and a soy derivative. I am sure that there are black cohosh products that don't contain anything but black cohosh. The amount of black cohosh in Estroven is 40 mg. per tablet. 



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Thank you very much for your feedback!

Anonymous user (not verified)

Please be careful about the black cohosh.  I did some research and it is so popular in Germany, that's all women take.  but the FDA does not regulate it here.  You can go to  GNC and buy it in any mg.  seeing it is a "phyto-estrogen," it has estrogenic contents, even though they say it's "natural."Undecided  Personally, I am leery of it in large dosages and for an extended period of time.

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Thank you very much for your input!

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Yes, I would be careful about using black cohash. I friend of my daughter’s used it during menaupause and ended up needing a liver transplant .

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