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Looking doctor recommendation

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Hey all it been a minute. Good to read post of the same faithful poster. You are amazing.  I commend you all.  I have been busy with a new job and daughter in competition dance. But I do read often. I am looking for recommendation on a new urologist oncology specializing RCC In the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus Ohio area. I see a local oncologist only, and not a urologist. She was suppose to be following my kidney function also.  But now I’m not sure. My surgeon the urologist after surgery referred me to the oncologist and advised she could follow me instead of him after surgery. I am the one who had an partial then had to have a full nephretomy a day later. The nurses tried to help me up to the restroom I fell back hard hitting the rail on the bed and my kidney wouldn’t stop bleeding so they took the whole kidney.  I just had my annual scan. But now I don’t feel completely comfortable with my oncologist Is checking on kidney function. Scan was pretty much Ned. Still have endometriosis nodule of the stomach wall that was proven by biopsy. It appears stable since last annual scan. But still appears on my report, and is always scary to read and still very painful. My Oncologist states everything is clear scan and scan in a year.  Prior to surgery I was scheduled with Dr Steven Campbell for a second opinion and had set a sugery date and had to cancel at the time because insurance wouldn’t approve the surgery at Cleveland Clinic. It is 3 hours away, and I’m not sure if Dr Campbell would want to follow me now after having to cancel the initial surgery. My insurance now is good at Cleveland Clinic.

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An oncologist shoild be ok for scan follow up. Either your ONC.  or yout GP can fu with  Kidney function ny ordering a Creatine and GFR blood tests. It is not uncommon with 1 kidney to have numbers a little outside the noemal =. If your Creatine is too high or your GFR too low they can refer you to a nephrologist.









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Good to know thank you, I did find a local urlogist that I will also see with my oncologist.

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Doctor Ronny Abaza, urologist /surgeon in Columbus Ohio. He did my neph back in 2013 and all of my scans and follow up for the last 5 1/2 years . He’s one of the best . His office is at Dublin Methodist.

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