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Decifer testing

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Well it’s been one year since I completed treatment 25 external beam and to day one year ago high dose Breaky therapy. As many of you know I regret it. I guess what hsunts me  is the outcome of the deciphered test. It came back as high risk 81% 44% chance that when I started therapy the cancer was worse 33% chance that in five years distant mastisis.  And 17% chance of death in 10 years. I can’t believe the surgeon didn’t adamantly suggest surgery I had me so confused and so scared I didn’t know what to do everywhere I look on the Internet I see that thisdarn  decifer testing  is pretty damn accurate . it bothers me so much because I was using a  urologist for six years That gave me to painful biopsies  only to convince me that my PSA of being 5.5 was because of my large prostrate then when it went up to 6.0 he wanted to see me back in six months and I didn’t go back to see him in six months I went back to see him in 13 months and it went up to 8.4 which means if I would have gone back in six months I probably would’ve caught this sooner and maybe it would’ve been so aggressive even though I only have three corrs  positive one of them Gleason score 6 and two of them 3+4  score 7    And I did have an MRI came back all negative it looked to be contained and everything oh wellI feel so guilty because of the dog gone decifer test I just wish I can find something negative on the Internet about them

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Am I right in assuming that you have not had recurrent disease since your treatment?  If so, why don’t you try to concentrate on enjoying the present instead of dwelling on the past and worrying about the future.  


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i suffer from anxiety and every time I urinste and have a bowel movement I’m constantly reminded of it . It just bothers me a lot and yes I’m seeing a counsler ..hopefully it will,all work out ..sometimes I wish I never looked into this and just listened to the first surgeon I would have not had a decifer test most likely would be cancer free now and worrying about the future because of that test ...damn ...sometimes it’s not good to take your time and see multiple drs ,,,,there was nothing wrong with the first surgeon st Stanford  it I wanted the best in the area ..I think I was procrastinating ....damn it 

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Hi Steve,

Is your Psa undetectable? If it is count your blessings that hopefully your cancer is in remission. We are all ”walking wounded” to a certain extent with shorter members, or leaking bladders, ect.,  but if the cancer is in check that’s a good thing. Try not to second guess your path but learn to live with the results.  If I had a nickel for every coulda,shoulda,woulda, I would be very well off.

Dave 3+4

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not undectectable yet not even close 3.9:..down from 8.1 ....not good 



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