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Colorectal Cancer with Peritoneal Metastasis ... anyone else?

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Joined: Apr 2019

Hey Community!

Just wondering if there was anyone out there will my same diagnosis:  Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer with Peritoneal Metastasis... I don't know all the right lingo yet, but think that is my official


I'm 39yo and was just diagnosed with colon cancer end of April 2019.  Thought we caught at stage 3, but when they attempted the Lower Anterior Resecuion, surgeon found the perioneal spread.... so I got upgraded to stage 4.  Just finished my 5th chemo treatment, and we are now heading down to Univeristy of Califonia San Diego to talk with a surgeron about HIPEC.  Oh man!


Anyway, just wondering if anyone on here had my same diagnosis and wanted a postive buddy + prayer partner.  We are strong Christians with two little boys living in Oregon.




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Although not the exact same diagnosis I had a  primary tumor of cecum that extended to just inside the ileum and a metastisis on the omentum --as well as lung mets. Because appendix was occluded and infected I got surgery immeidately, laparoscopically and the surgeon got clean margins on all of the abdominal/colon areas, I think the tumor had also grown through wall of intestine and adhered a bit to peritoneal wall as well, and it was all removed (Mar 2018) I did 9 rounds Folfox, last dose November 2018. No reoccurance ever in abdomen, and lung mets shrunk by half and are stable. HIPEC was discussed before surgery as an option should there have been a lot of spread but thankfully the surgeon got clean margins, no positive lumph nodes either. Jest got these pesky little lung nodules left that are not growing as of May. Best of luck with your treatment !!

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Excellent about " No reoccurance ever in abdomen, and lung mets shrunk by half and are stable."

Are you doing treatment currently.. for the lung nodeules?  

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Joined: Apr 2018

No conventional treatment since Nov 2018, have been adhering to primarily vegetarian diet (some fish), lot sof green tea, supplements and exercise. Re-scanned endof August--praying there is nothing new and nothing grew.

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Canadian Sandy
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Best of luck with your treatment. They can do a lot today with cancer treatments. Lots of prayers going your way.....I to am a strong believer. 

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Wow sorry to hear what you are going through.  Although I'm not able to help you with your question, there is probably others on this board that can give you further information.  You are so young and I'm hoping that you can get some answers.  This group is amazing as we can usually help you with most questions because there are people that have gone through a lot here.  Don't be afraid to ask anything you need to here, we will help if we can.  Wishing you the best.


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Sorry to greet you to this group. My spread was to my lungs. I did not have any local spread however there are lots of options with chemo and surgery. You have a rough road ahead of you but it sounds like you are strong and have the support you need. 

Good luck!


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Stage 4.  Common treatment includes some sort of Intraperitoneal Chemo.  I had EPIC (given after surgery) as opposed to HIPEC (heated chemo given during surgery.)  Are you talking to Dr. Lowy or Dr. Veerapong?  Both absolute experts in this treatment of peritoneal colorectal mets.  PM me if you have questions.


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We met with Dr. Baumgartner at UCSD.  Hoping has has the same expertise as the other two.  It turned out to be more of a meet & greet, than learning anything new.  I've had 6 chemo treatment so far, and they are recommending 8-12.  Not sure how they determine if it will be 8 or 12 though... Really hoping they say 8!  

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