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Dandruff? In a post on uterine cancer? Well, here it goes: When I entered puberty I began to have dandruff. I did all the usual things and used all the OTC products. It continued to get worse and worse during college and grad school and my first positions. It got in my eyebrows, even. I'm sure any number of you know what that's like. <!--break-->

When I turned 39, I had some severe bleeding and went to the local ER. After a D&C, my doctor called me to give me bad news: I had uterine cancer, fairly advanced cancer, and would need immediate surgery. The radical hysterectomy that followed indicated that although the cancer had spread through the uterus, cervix and upper vagina, as well as Fallopian tubes, it was still confined to the reproductive tract--but not by much! Six months of oral progesterone as a precaution followed. I have not had a recurrence.<!--break-->

What about dandruff? That surgery was in 1989. That was 30 years ago. And in those 30 years I have never had any more dandruff. None. Nada. Niente. Rien. Not one flake anywhere. Somehow, the hysterectomy that cured the cancer also cured my dandruff. <!--break-->

I know that hormones or something must have been involved, but still . . .. In these 30 years I have never met a doctor, nurse, or professional in between who has ever heard of this. <!--break-->

Have you?



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for you.  Did you lose weight after the radical hysterectomy?   Did your blood sugar change?   Dandruff is a fungus and diabetics have more fungal infections.  Maybe your pH changed too.  Funsus does not like an acid environment.  




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The only weight I lost was the weight of the uterus, cervix, ovaries, etc., and the adjacent lymph nodes and muscles! I guess I had to spend too much time in bed--despite rehab. My blood sugar was normal. The only thing I lost was my dandruff.

Thanks for posting.


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This was a great bonus for you along with your amazing outcome.  I think I'm going to ask for some oral progesterone!

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Sister, I've been thinking about your post and I have had the same results!!  When I was seven, my thyroid went to h*ll and I was put on Synthroid. Around this time I came down with almost-terminal dandruff. My mother tried everything and over the years as each new product came on the market, I tried it or was prescribed it. Nothing really helped for long. Fast forward 56 years and I had a hysterectomy and chemo and my hair falls out - bald as a cue ball but the dandruff is gone. Now almost four years later and my hair has grown to my waist and still no dandruff. Not that I'm recommending a hysterectomy or chemotherapy as a dandruff miracle BUT.....it did cure it!!

Isn't that crazy??



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I'm so glad to find someone else who has had the same results. God bliss you and keep you cancer-free.

Sister Elias

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On the topic of unexpected side effects of cancer treatment, I was concerned about my glucose levels as I was taking steroids at various times during chemo since I have type II diabetes. Steroids are known to increase blood sugar levels.

However, when I had an A1C test right after my last chemo treatment I was very surprised to learn that I was at 5.1 – a normal blood sugar level that I've never achieved since I was first diagnosed with diabetes.

So while I'd like to say that my motto is "get cancer – cure diabetes" this beneficial effect, unlike Sister's and Eldri's dandruff elimination, didn't last and I was back in my usual A1C range of 6s after that.

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It's a great line, cmb, even if it didn't last. You remind me of my response to colleagues who complimented me on my weight loss after I'd finished surgery and chemo (about 35# total). I'd say, in this manic game show host voice "It's the AMAZING cancer 'n chemo diet!"  People would look at me strangely and then move away. I'm used to that with my sense of humor, though.

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