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Hair growing back

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I forgot to mention that my chemo went fairly well although I realize we are all different and react differently to it. Just wanted to let anyone just starting that it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Take the nausea meds and keep food on your stomach even if it is crackers or dry toast. On the days where your taste buds are messed up and dry mouth, watermelon was wonderful!!! I ate alot of watermelon and alot of protein!!! Keep ahead of the constipation with senekot or miralax you don't want to get constipated. Just wanted to add that 2 weeks after last round of chemo my hair started to come back. Just fuzz so far and looking forward to hair. Just take one day at a time and rest when you're body needs rest, especially the first week of each round. 


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Was diagnosed last July.  Had total hysterectomy and six rounds of chemo.  I did very well with not so bad side effects.  My hair is growing back very curly and dark.  Very depressing because I thought I'd be normal by now.  I'm told to just have patience.  I've spent a small fortune on hair products but haven't found the right combination.  I'm also very worried about cancer coming back because of the agressiveness of it.  I feel really good now except for neuropathy.  Sometimes it seems like a bad dream.

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Welcome, Hollyjoe! We talk a lot here about our new normal. It will be four years in September from my hysterectomy and I know now I will never be the same person I was. Part of it is aging but a big part of it is the beating my body took from the chemo. My hair came back pure white and wavy. I have never cut it and it's to my waist now. Somewhere deep inside I'm afraid if I cut it, the cancer will return - crazy? I have UPSC, Stage II or III (no lymph nodes were taken nor a pelvic wash done). I think the further away you get from it, the less you think about it especially, if like me, haven't experienced a recurrence yet. 

I wish you all the best and let us know some more about you.  I'm 67 now and retired to Florida two years ago from Wisconsin. I only made it through three chemos and had a small stroke. No radiation either.



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Welcome hollyjoe I am not sure if I  will be like I was before cancer. I'm 69 will be 70 here soon and am kinda of achy in my body but I  have arthritis so that can be where it's coming from. I think it takes awhile to get our muscle strength back. I don't mean like a younger person just strength and endurance where you don't feel wiped out from doing little tasks. I believe it all takes time one day at a time. Chemo takes alot out of the body. I also was diagnosed with serous carcinoma . I also have neuropathy. Wish you the best

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Lucky Luke thanks for giving hope to those of us just beginning chemo treatment. Knowing others have gotten throughout it brings comfort  and hope for oneself treatment. 

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