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Genetic Testing Results

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I just heard from my doctor about my genetic testing results.  Here they are: "extended cancer panel including 83 cancer genes was normal, no pathogenic variants were confirmed."  This is good news...of sorts.  I went the genetic testing route as a way to find the "why" of my cancer diagnosis.  I'm still left wondering.  I've come to the conclusion that I have to accept that it just happened...no one or nothing to blame except bad luck. 

Have a great day everybody!


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See if Vegas will post odds like for politics and sports.







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Good result - no-one to blame, not even yourself.

It just happens sometimes.  Good to see you had the genes checked, all the same.

Best Wishes, Fred

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I understand the need to "know"- I did a similar test for peace of mind, and like you, everything was "normal"- so things just happen- just need to figure out a way to prevent it from happening again! 

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I've had four different cancers and the genetic testing showed nothing, even with my dad having kidney cancer (me, too), my mom having breast cancer (me, too), my maternal grandmother having uterine cancer (me, too), and my dad and paternal grandmother with skin cancer (me, too).   Of course, my insurance would only pay for the more basic levels of testing.  I think some of us are just crap magnets.

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I did genetic testing to. I thought I had some kind of defect because my mom and both my Grandmas died from cancer. But, no.. Genetic testing was all negative. Still wondering why my kidneys? Was it because I was taking NSAIDs for all my pain issues? Still crazy to think about. So... Just except it I guess. It is what it is. 

Take care stub,


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50 some years ago, a young woman from this community developed breast cancer.  Her mother blamed it on the fact that she carried heavy law books (while in law school) like we did before backppacks, cradled against our chests.  Another old wives tale shot down.

The more you dig, you find out that everyone has the capacity to develop cancer, but our immune system and circumstances don't allow it to proceed.

So did the fact that I used Roundup to kill invasive weeds on our property cause my RCC-I doubt it.

It's nice to know your genetic test came back OK.  Now you can't blame a relative for passing a bad gene on to you.  Hope that makes you feel better.



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I don’t want to bore people with my genetic testing results, anyone who has tried to read one of these studies knows what I am taking about. My results and my cancer history, validated the study models for predicting gene types and a long-stable cancer growth. From what I have read the models are coming to together, and true progress from understanding genetic makeup and using it as reliable predicter for outcomes and treatments may be a realistic goal. Rome was not built in day.

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I got my genetic testing results today. Same as everyone else - no gene mutations. I was happy about the results. My kids don't have to worry that they're gonna inherit anything. 

Interesting that the doc was prepared for me to be upset about the results coming back as clear. I guess some people prefer a definitive answer of "Yes, this probably caused the cancer" - even if that answer is bad news.

Anyways, I'm glad I got it done. Onward.

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