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Pathology question

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I decided to put all my papers and folders about my surgery and everything away in a drawer, and I saw my pathology report again. Is anyone on here good at deciphering these? I never did fully understand what this part meant and what I did understand, I have now forgotten. LOL. It is the immunohistochemical study of the cancer. It says intact expression of DNA mismatch repair proteins, MLH1, MSH2, MSH6 and PMS2 consistant with low probability of microsatellite instability  - (MSI-H) I think this has to do with Lynch syndrome and it means I have low probability of that?

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Tumors that indicate a problem with one or more of the the DNA mismatch repair proteins may indicate Lynch Syndrome, although this needs to be confirmed with additional genetic testing to rule out the possibility that the anomaly is just within the tumor itself. Since your tumor didn't indicate problems with these genes, you are unlikely to have Lynch Syndrome.

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I had the same language in my report which then concluded with the possibility of Lynch is low, but not ruled out totally. I had an aunt who died of colon cancer, but who was not tested for Lynch that I know of because it was 25 years ago that she died. Today I had my 1st colonoscopy since being diagnosed a year ago with USPC and for the first time I had no polyps, and a colon that was clear of any abnormality. I am grateful for that, and am back on the 5 year schedule. My doctors said to monitor my status as a Lynch related tumor could still occur, given my family history and urged me to try and get a family history of cancer in my extended family. 



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