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Thank you for responding to my cry for help. Iam not sure how to really work this thing I would like to respond to those that wrote back to me one on one but I do not know how. So I will just respond. My husbands Dr has done around 200 robotic and around 300 lapriscopically. My husband did not have a ct or bone scan the Dr said it was because the cancer is not palaple. I really do not have much choice for a surgeon we belong to Kaiser and you get who they say you get if you want the insurance to cover it. My husband has much anxiety about Saturday, not really sleepying or eating thinks he should have made a bucket list... I dont know how to help. I keep reassuring him that this is a bump in the road not a mountain to climb etc. For the men out there going through this what can I say to my husband that will help him? He is very worried about surgery complications, I told him stats say 1% thats not bad considering 1 out of 9 men have this. So sorry my spelling is teribble :)

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I had the Davinci robotic surgery 11 months ago. It really is not that bad. Almost no pain, had bladder control issues for only a few weeks & was playing tennis at 10 days after. For most, wearing that catheter strapped to the leg is the worst part. But for most, that comes off after a week. Complications are rare. Most men are back to their regular routine in 2 or 3 weeks. Good luck.

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My doctor told me when I was diagnosed not to look at that day as the day I was diagnosed with cancer, but that it was the day my life was saved. I took that to heart and focused on that aspect of this thing. I wish there were words that I could say that would make the anxiety go away. You are doing the right thing, just keep reassuring him that it will all work out. My wife and I just tried to keep things as routine as possible leading up to the surgery. We tried to look at it as just another day (although we both knew it was not), but I think that really helped keep both of us calm on that day.
You can tell him that in my experience I had my robotic surgery 2 months ago. I went into the hospital on Thursday morning and by noon Friday I was home. I had no complications, pain that only required tylenol after the operation, and within about 3 weeks I was pretty much back to doing everything I was doing prior to the surgery. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers

Take Care and God Bless,

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I had Robotic surgery with Kaiser Northern CA Homestead medical center - almost 3 months -I can select any doctor with Davincy experience and at any medical center have this robotic process. The process went smoothly -I went to sleep around 11am and wake up at 6pm - When I start hear some noise and people talking, I though they start to work on my body - then I heard - all done! Wow! I feel so good! I very happy with doctor and this nice facility with all new equipments and nice staffs. Keep excercise as much as you can before surgery will help fast recovery. So far my PSA is zero -No ED problem -Incontinent very little leakage- 1 pad almost dry per day for accident leakage. I just have minor adoment mild pain and hope will be gone soon. 1st several weeks after surgery will keep you little busy for recovery but not too bad!If I feel little pain just take pain killer then it will be fine. I heard some people never need pain killer too! This forum help me a lot since the day I had my postate biopsy result! Good luck and think positive. Thanks everyone again.


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Hello John,


Which Dr. did your robotic surgery at kaiser Santa Clara? I would like to know because I am about to do a similar surgery at the same facility. Thanks

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The best you can do is to just listen to your husband. It helps to be able to express your fears and concerns. Again he will do great! At 7 weeks post Davinci we did a cruise to Bermuda and rode mopeds around the island for 1 1/2 days with no problems. Again if you or your hubby want to speak via phone call just let any of us know. Many on the forum are more then willing.

Several on this forum were a great help to me when I had my surgery.


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is going through a natural process. Just listen to him. Nothing you say will make his fears go away, although I DO suggest that HE come into these forums and express himself and read the responses. I had the same fears he had, however the fear of my cancer spreading was worse. The fact that he's decided to go for the surgery is a good sign. He should be fine. We're all in G-d's hands. His fear is of loss of control and I completely understand that as we all do here. Have him concentrate on his Kegels. That might put his mind at ease that he DOES have control. The more Kegels he does, the more control he'll have. Not only of continence, but of his overall recovery.

All I can tell you is my experience. I had the surgery at 6PM a week ago Monday. I was in recovery by 7:30PM. I took Percoset until about 2 AM and then went on Tylenol. 3 Extra strength every 4 hours and never looked back. I was up and walking at 4AM. I was released from the hospital at 1:30 PM Tuesday. My cather was removed last Monday and I went to work for a half day today. Although I sit behind a desk there's nothing better than getting up and walking if you can't work. That will speed up the healing process and give him a feeling of control also. During my week at home post operation I walked as much as possible.

I may be a better healer than most, but from what I've been reading here it's more the norm.

Please have him read my doctor's website:


Tell him to read everything. The patient information, the patient instructions. Watch the videos if you can stand it. Knowledge is power....and CONTROL.


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