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Uncle Ned Dropped By

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Bay Area Guy
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Joined: Jun 2016

Got the results of my CT from yesterday and all is fine.  Another year with a visit from Uncle Ned.....and he brought a nice, smooth Cabernet with him.

He said he’d come by again to visit next year, but he had to jet off to go see my surgical buddies jazzgirl and Stub to tell them their good news.

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Holy Heck and back again.  That's what we want to hear from everyone.

Way to Go.



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Congrats, Bay Area Guy! 

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Canadian Sandy
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Joined: Jul 2016

Good to hear!

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High five! Had no doubts! :-)

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... for that Cabernet when he arrives.

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Super good news! Enjoy that cab :) And may Ned continue along his way to everyone on his list.

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Bay Area Guy, Congrats on Uncle NED's visits for the three years in a row. Wish you many more to come! 

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Way to start off the visits from Uncle Ned, Bay.  I look forward to seeing him in a couple of weeks--perhaps he'll bring me a glass of Cabernet too.

Godspeed, Bay.  


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Yum Cabernet! 

Way to celebrate!

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Joined: Aug 2016

This is great.  Congratulations!



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Awesome news!!! Always great to hear from uncle NED.

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And keep it up.  Cheers.


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You and I were diagnosed around the same time-  my surgery was 3 years ago June 7.


Also, I think our diagnosis pretty similar.  ChRCC.  My tumor was 1.8cm- stage 1.


I am curious if you had a CT scan this year?  My insurance denied it-  said I didn’t need one, although my Dr requested one.  Just curious what your follow up was?


Thanks in advance....Congrats on staying NED!  ☺️





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Bay Area Guy
Posts: 495
Joined: Jun 2016

I had a blood test, chest X-ray and CT.  Stanford told me they generally get permission for CT’s for five year follow-ups, then after that, I might be able to get ultrasounds.

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Mighty Frog
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Foremost! Congralution to you and THANK YOU so much for sharing the GOOD NEWS.... 

(On the previous post: I did not know you been through so much and still being so optimtic.  Thank you for your support and advice Bay Area Guy & Keep it Up)


Mighty Frog


Posts: 489
Joined: Aug 2017

happy days


any trips planned this year


Bay Area Guy's picture
Bay Area Guy
Posts: 495
Joined: Jun 2016

Back to Japan in two weeks.  Woo hoo!

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Mighty Frog
Posts: 152
Joined: Jul 2017

Hey! Man! Enjoy your trip and wish you have a wonderful holidays

Mighty Frog

Posts: 61
Joined: May 2018

So happy for you!! Tell NED that I would love have a visit someday. 

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it's so great to hear good news!

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All right, all right, all righty now~~


Clink as I toast to your life of better health and wellness! Cool

Hugs, Jan

Posts: 111
Joined: Nov 2017

Very good news (I'm late reading this but will still share congrats)!   Such a relief.

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