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positive cologuard test

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Hi all,

I recently had a positive cologuard test which I took at the request of my primary. Now I have a colonoscopy scheduled this coming Friday.

I had my first colonoscopy done 5 years ago and it was a complete disaster. The prep made me very sick, my colon did not clean out completely even though I followed the directions to the T. I was found to have a tortous and twisted colon and a hernia that I had at the time was pushed out and I ended up in the ER after the procedure. Since since I had a NIssen Fundoplication surgery for acid reflux and I don't know what went wrong but I have a hard time swallowing especially liquids since that surgery. Based on all this I'm really concerned about the upcoming colonoscopy. I'm at high risk of perforation  and there is no way I can drink all the liquid I 'm required to drink. mY doctor knows about all this but does seem to be that concerned.He did tell me he will use a smaller scope.

I don't have a family history of colon cancer, no symptoms at all and I m vegan , not eating any food that would cause cancer.

Any advise ? Hate to end up in the hospital because of a false positive on the cologuard.

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I know nobody can give me medical adivse. But perhaps someone here had a twisted or tortous colon and can share their experience with colonoscopy. Or someone has swallowing problems and can give me some tips on how to get the fluid down.?

thank you

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hi!  Sorry to read about your bad experiences with prep and the adverse consequences of your colonoscopy.    See my thread ‘FIT versus Cologuard: Conflicting Results.‘ As I do not metabolize sedatives well, I have chosen to have a  CT colonography (virtual colonoscopy).  There is still a prep but it is supposedly less arduous than the prep for a normal colonoscopy and no scope is used.  I am scheduled to have the scans on June 18 and will update this group afterwards.  

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Thank you for responding. I discussed the option of a virtual colonoscopy with my doctor and he does not consider it an option. He claims that it does not detect nodules or polyps less than 1 cm.  In the meantime I talked to a nurse at my doctors office and I was told that I can take my time with the liquids , actually for up to 5 hours instead of 1 hour . That makes me feel a little bit better. I wish you the best with your procedure and hope all turns out well.

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It sounds like you have really been through the ringer, and do not need the added anxiety of a positive or false positive - which is normally the case - test. 

If you are at all uncomfortable with the Doctor doing the procedure, cancel it and search for one who you feel is listening to you, and understanding not only your fears, but your previous medical trauma.  At this point, I would say you have the time to look around. 

As for not getting cleaned out enough, I presume you followed the whole no seeds, no this and no that for two days previous. Maybe if you did this for four days - while making sure you are getting the nuutrients you need. 

I am sorry to say that no matter how well you ate or exercised, you could still get Cancer.  BUT, here's hoping that your Cologuard test has just produced an annoying - and somewhat expensive - false positve, as we have seen many times here on the forum. 

I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope that you come back to tell us that you are Cancer free and never have to visit this forum agian. 


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It's just a good thing you are going in and having that done, but a doctor that doesn't care you can't take the solution to clean you out is a doctor who shouldn't be doing colonoscopies.  It might be a good time to check out another one and if something happens this time I'd be pretty upset as they know this already.  I'm wishing you a clean scope on Friday and hoping all goes well.  You have been through a lot on the last one and surely don't need another repeat.  Please let us know how you did.


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You could request this, as an option. It's a pint jar you mix the powder in with water. You have to drink another pint (if you can do more, that's better), but way less volume than Nulytely. If you can, and dont have any reason why you shouldn't, get a bottle of magnesium citrate and do that the day before the real prep. I did it for all my procedures, and it seemed to help prime the pump well without nausea from the volume and taste. Doing it over two days works better anyway.


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