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Endometrial Cancer and Breast Cancer - Is there a link?

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Hello Ladies...

Happy Tuesday...

I'm off to the gyno this afternoon to discuss symptoms I have been having for the last 6 weeks, only in my left breast, and now it is consistent on a daily basis. Burning, stabbing pain and sometimes itchy.

My last mamo, was August 2018, and was negative, however I was encouraged to get a "Fast MRI" since my breast are extremely dense. Level 4 dense tissue.

My question...is there a link btw both endometrial and breast cancer. I have Lynch syndrome PMS2 mutation. Anyone on here have experienced both cancers? I have read , that breast cancer is common new secondary cancer to endometrial...


In good health to all..


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The link between breast cancer and endmetrial cancer is probably the Lynch Syndrome. 


Have you started having colonscopies yet? That's another biggie that Lynch puts you at risk for and with that finding you should probably be having them at least every 1-2 years. They'll start your kids on colonoscopies as young as their 20's if they inherited it, so if you have it, you want to be sure that your children get tested for it, too. 

If you have breast cancer prior to endometrial, taking Tamoxifen is another risk factor for it. 

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Colonoscopies don't catch everything. Mine didn't. I had a TAH in November 2016 and a December 2017 PET scan identified a hot spot @ my ileocecal junction. A colonsocopy found nothing but, in 5 short months, that spot had blown up to 8 cm of new cancer, "probably intestinal in origin" (per biopsy). The spot, apparenty, was on the outside where a colonoscopy wouldn't see it. During this same timeframe I was diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome, PMS2. I don't know that I could have done anything differently, but am pointing this out because I really thought a colonoscopy would find almost everything and was sadly surprised that it didn't. I also switched oncologists after that, but that's a different story...

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I was also tested for these and was negative. I was told that it meant that if I am ever found to have breast cancer and it's caught early, I wouldn't have to jump at having a mastectomy...I could consider other options like a lumpectomy with some safety. Of course, I got those results and advice before the Lynch Syndrome diagnosis, so I don't know if that changed the equation. Something to ask your genetist about.

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Breast cancer wasn't on my radar for Lynch, so I appreciate the information about the newer findings about this connection. I have the MSH6 mutation.  I do get annual mammograms and either my PCP or gynecological oncologist does a breast exam about every three-six months or so. While I knew that I had "fatty tissue" in my breasts, my last mammogram explicitly stated they were primarily composed of fatty tissue, so at least a tumor should be easier to spot if one develops.

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Double Whammy
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You can't convince me there isn't a link.  I asked gyn onc once and was told "it is not unusual to see women who have had both endometrial and breast cancers, but it is unusual to see them at the same time".  I know the risk factors for both cancers are similar.  I also know that my breast cancer was ER positive and I bet the endometrial was, too  I think "they" just don't know what the link is yet.  I do not have Lynch syndrome.  My cancers were diagnosed in 2010 and both were early stage, low grade, and I'm still without any symptoms of either.  Is there a link?  I sure think so.


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Glad to see your post Suzanne! I hope things are going well for you. I miss your picture!

Love and Hugs,


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