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i finally did it! Starting My official retirement today! I think I had more sleepless nights over this than actual work. LOL. I have worked for 50 years! Now time to relax. I worked through the last 3 Years of treatment and now that I’m NED, I will relax. Lots of home projects to keep me busy and lots of walking to keep me healthy!

the weather here in Maryland is beautiful! I will play in the yard, enjoy my family, and have more time to keep up with you all. I must tell you, thank you for being here for me. You all are wonderful people and I appreciate being able to share my ups and downs with you.

sending love, happiness, and health to you all.



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    Good for you!! Enjoy your

    Good for you!! Enjoy your retirement!


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    Congratulations!  I retired a little over a year ago when I was diagnosed with a secondary cancer and I have never regretted it. 

    I also live in Maryland and am enjoying our current weather.




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    Well Dang!

    I spent most of my life in Maryalnd--over 47 years--kiddos still live there-getting ready to head there Saturday! Still have a little shack on the river there and get my treatment at hospital just outside DC.  Congratulations on your retirement, 50 years is a remarkable work history and NED is the best news ever! Much love to my MD peeps!

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    I am sure you will adjust quickly to retirement and question how you ever got anything done while working.  Congratulations on your big day!

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    I wish

      Congratulations on your retirement. I started work when I was 13 and I have never had a break , I am now 69. I had a month off during cancer to get over the operation( it was groin to sternum in my day , no keyhole.) , but I worked right thru chemo. I've tried to give up a couple of times but they beg me to keep working.  One day!. Enjoy your new life, Ron.

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    Congrats, that's terrific! I

    Congrats, that's terrific! I'm following a more gradual process, turning some things over to my kid, but controlling enough to guide the business, hopefully to a place where I get what I need as well as him. Do keep busy, I find the more time and latitude I give myself, the more I take, lol. Enjoy the weather, the family, and your well earned freedom.............................................Dave

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    Good for you.  Hope that you enjoy the retirement life.  You earned it after 50 years.  Congratulations.


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    A much deserved retirement.  Make the most of every single moment. 



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    i am super happy for you!!!! Enjoy your retirement!!

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    Thank you everyone...

    Thank you everyone... Although I have to admit that I'm not sure what I will do come Monday. Whatever it is, it will be what I want to do.


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    Embrace it!

    Enjoy it, but your now going to look for things to do. I got new boss to keep me as a consultant here and my panic attacks stopped. Now at work all I do is lookin to other businesses he might buy.

    Just keep busy an CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!