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Cyst, Mass or tumor?

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I was diagnosed with stage 1, grade 1 endometrial cancer in August. I had a total hysterectomy with removal of ovaries and Fallopian tubes. I was told I was cured a few weeks after the surgery and needed no chemo or radiation. Before the hysterectomy I was diagnosed with a UTI and given antibiotics. In September I noticed some blood in my urine and I felt like I had a UTI. I went to Urgent Care and a urinalysis showed elevated white blood cells and blood in the urine. I again was given antibiotics but got no relief from my symptoms. The next week I went back to Urgent Care and the doctor pulled up my urine culture results from before the hysterectomy and from the UTI she had treated me for the week before, and the results were negative. I had another UA done that day which still indicated a UTI so I was given antibiotics again. A few days later the doctor called me and said the culture was negative and to discontinue the antibiotics. She said I should see a urologist. I got in a week later with urology and the office UA showed iinfection. The urologist suggested a cystoscope. I had become ill and was hospitalized when my cystoscope was scheduled so I missed it. The hospital ran a routine UA on me and of course the UA showed infection so they treated me for a UTI. My cystoscope was scheduled quite a long way out and during that time I became ill again and had fever. I was hospitalized with a UTI for two days. The culture of course, was negative again and while I was hospitalized I missed yet another cystoscope appointment. I finally got the cystoscope the day before Thanksgiving. The urologist said he saw a small cyst. He decided I needed a biopsy to be done under general anesthesia. When he handed the scheduling department my chart he then said my diagnosis was a "bladder mass." Then the girl said it was a "bladder tumor." I'm so confused now and quite scared. I feel like if it were something simple he could've taken it out in the office. He actually pondered it out loud and then subsequently decided to do it at a surgery center under anesthesia. I'm just wondering about other people's experience with getting a diagnosis. Does anyone have a similar story?  Is it common for a doctor to do one in office cystoscope then an Outpatient one?  Any feedback is appreciated. 

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I think terminology can be confusing. To me cyst, mass, tumor is all the same thing but might mean something different to a medical professional. Even before my husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer, they used the word "tumor".  It scared the daylights out of me.  If they had said "cyst" or "mass" I would have felt much better.   

As for your question on whether it is common to do one cystoscope in the office and another as an outpatient I think it is very common to do one in the office.  That is where the urologist can actually look in the bladder to see a "tumor".  However, I don't think they'll know whether it is cancer or benign, or stage, type, and grade until after a 2nd outpatient procedure under general anesthesia.  I think that is usually called a TURBT and I think a cystoscope is a part of it.  I believe they get a biopsy from this procedure and will further determine what the "tumor" actually is. 

I wonder if this is what you are hearing about, or perhaps your doctor has another type of procedure in mind.  God bless.     

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Thanks for replying!  It's just so confusing to hear whatever you have called three different things within a ten minute period!!  I think they don't want you to worry unnecessarily until they know for sure, but for me already having one cancer diagnosis this year is extremely unnerving... especially when I was told I was cured. I had also had a CT scan of my pelvic area in August before my hysterectomy and it did not pick this mass up. It's quite frustrating! I hope your husband is doing well and I hope you are also. It's hard to watch loved ones go through this. 

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My regular Doctor looked at me and firmply said "You have bladder cancer. After just an Ultrasound.
I went on his recommendation to a Urologist who after a CTI decided there was a mass there to be 'scraped' so I wen in fro the procedure under general anesthesia.
3 days of walking around with a Catheter before removal and all seems good but waiting to go see him for a result. Meanwhile the diagnosis on his web site is Kidney Stones and an enlarged Prostate. That does not sound anything like he described it. Waiting to see!
Oh; The picture is from Vocal Chord Cancer 8 years ago which is (apparently at least) in the past. I decided not to update it with pictures relevant to the current issue ;=D

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