Pinky, how are you doing?

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Just wanted to let you know we're still thinking about you and praying that you are managing ok.


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    Thanks for posting this. I

    Thanks for posting this. I have been thinking about her too!

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    Hugs, Pinky - hope all is ok.

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    Missing Pinky

    Pinky, if you drop in let us know how you're doing, OK? Just a quick line will do. We miss you!

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    you are never far from my thoughts

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    Pinky, we are all thinking good thoughts

    and sending them your way.



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    I too have been thinking of you and hoping you are doing ok. Post when you can.


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    Ditto to all of the above!

    Ditto to all of the above!

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    was last around April 6th, and she had reported a chemo visit on April 4th. Hopefully, things are going forward, as in REALLY forward. As in good news!

    Initial doses of any treatment can be wicked. You have to get used to whatever routine you can scrape together after treatments, and as I'm finding out, each chemo drug can be very different. Some nasty side effects of certain chemo drugs or combos can hit you withn 24 hours; some can take up to a week to ten days before you feel like you've been hit with a brick. Some aren't really bad. And just when you think you've got it down, cumulative effects can take hold. 

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    Thanks for posting this

    Thanks for posting this thread, "Ma."  Prayers for our pinky.

    Edit: I see our dear friend last logged in on April 6. We are thinking of you pinky.  You are in our prayers. 

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    Thinking of you Pinky. Hope

    Thinking of you Pinky. Hope you're doing okay and update here soon!