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One More "Free" Week

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I drove down to SC yestereday and was geared up and ready to knock out my chemo session this morning. Once there, they drew blood for labs and took my back to my chair. I was unde my favorite furry blanket and ready for a good nap but it was a "no-go". My "baby" blood cell count was right on the borderline. My oncologist said she could lower the dose and give it to me anyway but she would prefer to give me one more week off to build back up and try next Tuesday. I honestly was truly ready to knock it out of the way and found myself a little disappointed. Imagine that..me being disappointed I couldn't have chemo, lol. She did give me a bit of good news. When I found myself in this nightmare, my CEA count was 39. After the first rounds of chemo, it dropped to 12 and then to 9. She said it is now 1.7...yay!!!!!!! I know a lot of people don't put stock in their CEA levels as a measure for cancer but it sure made me feel better. I just hope it STAYS down. Once I found out chemo was a no-go today, I packed up and headed to the hills. The sunshine was brilliant and today is absolutely gorgeous. I found myself thinking about how hopeless I felt not so long ago laying in that hospital bed after surgery. Somehow, you have to dig deep, not think too far ahead and get thru the "moments" in front of you. They will all pass even tho' it seems like the worst ones never will. I read something someone else wrote in a response to another on the board. He said that mental agony you go thru worrying about the unknown before procedures and such usually turns out to be way worse than the physical part of it. I think he is right. I'm not sure what the future holds for me with all of this, but today, I am going to soak in the sunshine. Hope everyone here has a little sunshine in their day!!..Hugs, M

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1.7!!! Good for you! It went down so quickly, that's great. It makes you feel like there is a reason for going through this crap, doesn't it? A week off is a nice break.

Yes, right after surgery or during a nasty chemo or whatever else knocks you down is the hardest time to be optimistic. It's so hard to see beyond the moment. But a few weeks later you start to forget how nasty it was and you live in the moment again. It becomes just another hurdle you've overcome on your way to the prize.

Enjoy your time off!


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I am back in my mountains and so grateful for a little more of a "break" but also ready to get the last chemo sessions over and done hopefully FOREVER. Hope life is catching you with a gentle hand and you are finding some "good" resolution with the situation of your home and your beautiful horse. Hugs your way...M

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Your CEA has gone down so much!  Enjoy another week of feeling frisky!

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Happy dance happening here, lol. Hugs, M

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I think you should celebrate for every reason (the CEA decrease) and for no reason at all.  Spring is a wonderful season to be in the mountains.  I hope you enjoy every minute of it and grow stronger day by day.

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Thank you! I love this time of the year! I had to drive back home today but it was unbelievably beautiful with the sunshine. I am thrilled with the CEA number..just hope it stays down. Enjoy your hikes as well!! Hugs, M

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worry what other 'put their stock in'. 1.7 is fantastic, and it has been going down, and that means good things. While CEA might not be a good indicator for all, it is for you, and you are doing great. 

What is 'baby' blood cell count? It is not an expression I have heard before. I presume it is either white, red or plattlets. Enquiring minds want to know. 

I'm happy for your extra week. Relax, breath in the fresh moutnain air, and be prepared for next week. 


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I am estatic with the CEA count. I think it might be a "good" guage for me. As for the low blood count...My chemo nurse referred to the cells that were at a low count as the "baby" blood cells. She said my oncologist preferred to let me continue to recover for a week instead of dropping the dose so instead of asking more questions, I jumped for joy and ran out as fast as I could, lol. I think the heavens knew I needed "one more week". Today's sunshine was like a miracle drug as I drove home today. It was beautiful. I'll be ready for next week...the sooner I get done with it, the better. Thank you for ALL the encouragement you've given me. Huge hug your way!!...M

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Enjoy the extra days off.  And enjoy the CEA numbers.  Enjoy the sunshine.  A little bit of an extension now and again between treatments really is such a great feeling.  Enjoy it.  I am not sure if I am close to the record of saying enjoy in one post, but I have to be getting close Laughing

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"Enjoy" is a great word so use it as much as you want, lol.I am going to soak in as much sunshine as possible over the next week but I wil be back in the chemo chair Tuesday ready to knock it out. I am thrilled with the CEA numbers and just pray they stay down. Thank you for the support. Hugs, M

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Great numbers on the CEA.  The reason why my doctor's don't put any meaning on my CEA numbers is because they were always normal so the number really meant nothing but to others it could be a good indication and if it goes down that is awesome.  Enjoy the time off and build up your strength.


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Thank you!! I am thrilled with the CEA and hope it stays down. Hugs, M

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CEA is good because they cut the enemy off. Now we need to kill those cancer cells that are possibly somewhere, so it won t come back. You go, gal! 

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This thing is the enemy no doubt. I am fighting hard and I will be back in the chair Tuesday to finish my chemo. Hopefully I will come out on the other side of this. Hugs, M

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May you soon become NED(no evedence of disease).  You are young enough that it should be easy.  Best of luck to you!!

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