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What's next?!?

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Hi all, 

Just curious if anyone can give any additional insight to my dad's treatment. He has now failed zytiga and xtandi.  We went to a new oncologist last week and was told we are at the end of options.  The oncologist mentioned Provenge but from my research I do not think my dad is a candidate as he is taking oxycodone and from what I have read you cannot be taking narcotic pain medicine.  Also I have read that it is best if taken before zytiga and xtandi.  The only other thing mentioned was Jetvana (chemo). we know we are towards the end but I guess I am looking for any additional information that can be given.

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Could you please provide more info about your dad? Diagnosis, what treatments he has had, etc.?

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Joined: Jun 2015

Hi, yes of course.  He was diagnosed in June of 2015 with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer . His Gleason score was 10 at time ofof diagnosis.  His cancer was in prostate, liver, pelvic lymph nodes, chest lymph nodes to name a few.  He did taxotere for 9 month until the side effects were too bad.  He then went onto casodex and eliguard.  The casodex worked until June of last year and dad was put on zytiga.  His PSA started going up in November and at the end of Feb he developed myositis..rare and due to the zytiga.  He was then put on xtandi and dknxe he has been on xtandi(end of Feb) his PSA is doubling every two weeks.  We know that his is aggressive per the oncologist.  

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