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Posts: 57
Joined: Mar 2019

insurance approved.  Waiting on blood work but other than that, I’m next. 

Surgery to begin in about 20 min. 

2.9 cm left kidney. partial neph. Robotic. 

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You may not feel like it on Momday.  Have an uneventful surgery, I woukd say painless, but I would be laughed off this board.





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Posts: 25
Joined: Mar 2019

good luck and let me know how it goes because i will be right behind you with a partial robotic procedure May 7th

Posts: 17
Joined: Feb 2019

I understand what you feel right now. Everything will turn out to be just fine and wish you all the best!!

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Posts: 57
Joined: Mar 2019

surgeon rocked it!  Saved 75% of the kidney. Lots of CO2 pain but otherwise holding up. More to come later. 

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Bay Area Guy
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Good to hear!  For the CO2, walking helps a lot.  Just don’t overdo it.

Gtngbtr58 @aol.com's picture
Gtngbtr58 @aol.com
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On this side of surgery.  Be patient with yourself- your body has been thru quite a trauma it'll take time to recuperate.  Rest when you need to-walk as much as you can without over doing it and ask for help when you need it -best of luck -June

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You did it! Get some rest, then get walking and get drinking water, then get busy healing! Well done! 

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Joined: Jul 2016

I'm guessing you are up walking by now.  That will certainly help the CO2 pain.  The next big relief will be the removal of the catheter.  

Glad all went well--now heal.  Before you know it, you'll be back to your old self.


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Yes! Good luck with recovery, now you are cancer free!

LanceHeal's picture
Posts: 57
Joined: Mar 2019

He said he got it all and saved about 80% of the kidney. Said it looked like all of the telltale signs of clear cell RCC. Will know in a week. 

There was transition to one of the smaller veins which he removed. He doesn’t appear to be too concerned but is slightly concerning to me. Right now it looks like surveillance will be the plan. I think we will know for sure when pathology returns. 

Lots of gas pain right now. Walked last night. It helped a bit. About to do the same in a few min. Cathader is out and doc says I may be good to go home today however I think it will actually be tomorrow. Hour car ride home.   

As another patient from another online KC forum put it, time to go for a walk and crop dust some other rooms. :)

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Man you are rocking Post Op!!! So glad your up and about.. Borrow a pillow for the car ride on seat belt. You'll rest better at home. 

LanceHeal's picture
Posts: 57
Joined: Mar 2019

i bought one for this adventure. :). Loving it. Also rocking a new robe in the hospital. Now if I can just get the pipes to work again. 

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Posts: 1998
Joined: Mar 2014

So glad it's behind you! If it's not too late, have whoever is driving you home bring a large garbage bag. Put it on seat and that way you can just swivel in and out of car instead of twisting your body. Helped me tremendously. Speedy recovery!

LanceHeal's picture
Posts: 57
Joined: Mar 2019

Thanks. I’ll ask my dad to get one. 

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Joined: Oct 2013

Glad the surgery is over. Remember to ICE incisions if needed; cuts down on pain killers

AND used to swing my arm in a circle to move that gas pain around and out. 

Walking good, balanced with rest.

i used a lumbar, velcro wrap used for bad back support. Used it after all my surgeries and to bed. Helps to turn, get up, esp from bed and chairs. Sold at drugstores and such.

You are on your way to a full recovery!1

Healing hugs, Jan


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Joined: May 2017

Good to see an almost minute-by-minute account of your trip.

I hope your doc is right about getting it all, but they always say that.  You would need a good follow up regime regardless, so enjoy, get well and remain vigilant.

Best Wishes,


LanceHeal's picture
Posts: 57
Joined: Mar 2019

getting released in about half hour. Have a 1 hr car ride home. Can’t wait to get home and take a shower and get to bed. 

Posts: 425
Joined: Nov 2016

Now to rest take care of yourself, walk as much as you can!

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Joined: Feb 2018

Hope your recovering well. 

Take care, 


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