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Glioblastoma - patient sleeping endlessly

Preeti Vipat
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My dad was diagnosed of brain cancer in Jan. Undergone surgery and chemotherapy radiation till March. Last 15 days he has declined rapidly and is bedridden completely in ICU. He hardly responds to commands. Doesn't open his eyes at all. His vitals were bad earlier but now wvweveryth is in control. Doctor says they have tried everything and now nothing that they could do and are unaware of reasons of of decline and drowsiness. He is on oxygen and food tube. 


Please suggest what should we do.


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How is ur dad now? My wife seems to be drifting towards sleeps now? 

beaumontdave's picture
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Sleep is the better path then some of the stories I've heard. My wife slept more and more until she didn't wake up and though it hurt to know where it was going, I am grateful it didn't go to screaming and cursing, or other such stuff. Peace to him and to you.

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Did your wife have glioblastoma all along or what kind?  Husband has anaplastic astrocytoma and just got bad MRI.  Seems energy decreasing and sleep increasing.  Not sure what to try for trials or other treatments.

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Well said. Sleep is the better path.

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