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New to this

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Good Morning!

I am new to this and I have so many questions!  In 2011 I had radial scar in left breast removed.  It was benign.  In August of 2018 I was diagnosed with Endometrial Cancer and in October I had a complete hysterectomy.  Are my chances of getting a second cancer increased?  When I go for my every 6 month checkup...how are they going to know if I have any cancer anywhere else, since I don't have any female organs?  I try to stay positive, but have to admit I am concerned...

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lala4125, I advise you to come to the uterine cancer site. Endometrial cancer is a type of uterine cancer and what most of us onthe uterine cancer site have. We are very active on that site. In answer to your questions, yes you can stil have uterine cancer reoccur even after hysterectomy. What stage andgrade was your cancer? Bleeding canned sign of reoccurance. Did they do a ca125 blood test? Are you being treated by a gynechological oncologist ? Please come to the uterine cancer site. We are not doctors but there are many ladies with much experience. We welcome you!

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lala, also a visitor from the Uterine board, I hope you have come back and sought out more answers.   A relation to breast and uterine is definitely possible, my friend has asked me if the benign lump removed in 2009 had any relation to my 2012 agressive uterine cancer.   I agree with dear Soup and would say you will be welcomed with open arms at the Uterine board. 

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