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Has anyone experienced "brain fog" after surgery?  I'm 15 months post surgery and all my kidney function numbers are normal but something hasn't seemed quite right for about a year now. I'm not sure if it could be related to having kidney cancer or not.

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I don't recollect having a fogggy brain right after my neph in 2012, but perhaps a bit more lately.  I had not connected it with my cancer or operation, but who knows.

My fear would be small clots blocking bits of my brain's arteries.  Some do think Alzheimers is a cardiovascular disease.

Regards, Fred

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I have noticed not thinking as sharp as in the past and also some dizziness and visual floaters as well.

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It can take as much as a year to restore the pre-surgery/pre anesthesia thinking capacity.  It's not the kidney, it's the surgery/anesthesia.

It's a wonder I can still process anything-3 major cancer, 1 orthopaedic, and one day surgery on my hand in less than 2 years.

For some it takes even more than a year.



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Do you know where I can read more about the longer term effects like you're mentioning about anesthesia?

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i don’t think I’m foggy (at least no more than usual) but I still get really tired quite fast. Operation was 3/4. I’m assuming this is normal After anesthesi...

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I was having some things happen in the brain area (dizziness pains etc..). It was my vision that was causing it. Changed contacts and all seems better. I have heard numerous stories of peoples vision changing drastically after surgery.

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