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Working after op. Experience?

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Sorry to open another high level post.

So I've been adviced to take it easy, of course, after the surgery. Recap: it's a radical nephrectomy. They're not removing anything else. 

If you didn't know (and pretty much everybody here knows) my op is tomorrow. There is a circumstance where I would need to be working Monday morning. My work is sedentary (I work in IT) so there's no heavy strain in my body other than walking and standing around. Which is good for recovery?

What I've been adviced by the surgeon, tho, is not to drive. Fortunately I'm getting a 'wingman' in the form of a nephew who's going to help us around the house, drive and take help us with the fur babies. 

I'm interested to know from the people here their experiences. Pain is unavoidable, but is it tolerable enough to get up on Monday, take Metro and walk around a lot to get to an office and back. 

Thanks, and sorry if I'm spamming. 

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But I would probably make no firm commitments. Give yourself a few weeks break to get over this.  Rest is wonderful.

Best Wishes for the Op, Fred

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First while the Surrgeon knows how to neph you, he has never been nephed so take what he says with a grain of salt. Can you ease into your job part time after a month or so? Only  you can tell. I  was a slow normal at 6 weeks. It is major surgery. More so than pain the question is whether you have the energy level to go back to work full time after the initial recovery period. 






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I was back to work part days a couple weeks after surgery.  My wife wanted me to stay home longer, but I'd had enough of staying at home.  Like th others said, it really depends on your recovery and the type of work you will be doing.

Good luck!


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LIke others said, take at least a week or two off.  The first 1-3 days after surgery will likely be painful and uncomfortable.  The pain will subside, but coughing, sneezing and laughing may hurt.   Bumping around and a rough bus ride - you will feel the bumps for 1-2 weeks after.

Do you have an option to work from home?

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I took a full week off after my procedure. After that, I could drive (with a pillow and towel over my incision to keep the seat belt from irritating it) - and I could manage four hours sitting at the computer desk, but I couldn't handle full days for another week or so. It was just too draining. 

But see how you feel, listen to your body, and you'll be okay. You've got this! 

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